The analysis of NPE portfolios

Operational aspects will be covered in depth during the session related to the evaluation and management of NPE portfolios (UTP in particular). Behind the numerous articles in the specialized press, which tell of the sale of billion-dollar portfolios, lies an enormous operational complexity in which analysts, lawyers, auditors and consultants participate.

We'll see, thanks also to the contribution of Pietro Gruosso, UTP specialist from the Intrum group, how a Loan Data Tape is made (LDT), what are the typical problems and information gaps that add difficulty to the evaluation of debt positions.

We will answer, also using practical cases, the following questions:

  • Why isn't it the same thing to value UTP and NPL? What skills are required of the analyst in both cases?
  • How to use financial statements in the evaluation of debt positions (GBV) and what to do when we analyze entities that do not have them (e.g. companies, partnerships)?
  • How to optimize the costs of business information (Data Quality) along the various phases of the portfolio analysis and evaluation process? What data to request and when to do it?

We will analyze finally the state of the art of technology adoption by operators and how new IT systems can make you gain competitiveness compared to the competition, reducing times and costs throughout the entire Life Cycle of NPE portfolios: Data Enrichment => Analysis => Valuation => Debtor Management


STEFANO CARRARA - Leanus administrator

PIETRO GRUOSSO – UTP Corporate Specialist


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