DB of Italian companies

Reserved Public for the Consultation of
100% of Italian companies *
* which file the balance sheet
To consult the Trend, make unlimited searches with smart filters and create endless custom reports (Companies and Groups).

Personal Analysis

Reserved Area
for Advanced Analysis
You can elaborate too proprietary accounting data, customize the reclassifications, elaborate infinite benchmarking e business plan and use all the advanced features.

Business Information Pay-per-Use

Minimum top-up only 20€
To purchase Business Information (Business Register and other Italian and foreign suppliers) - Analysis of foreign financial statements - Analysis of financial statements with revenues <€ 500K
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial statement
  • Balance Sheet Indices
  • Sectoral KPIs
  • LOM indicators
  • Crisis Code
  • PD
  • MCC band
  • Lean Score
  • Altman's Z-Score
  • Banking schemes
  • AQR schemes
  • OIC statement
  • Civilistic
  • Debt capacity
  • Central Risk Analysis
Duration: 12 months 1 or more users (without constraint on IP address) 2 sessions di online training

Details of the services included


Public Area Data Base (100% companies with Revenues> 500 K)

Number of Searches


Number of Automatic Reports


Number of searches with filters


Customization Filters


Customization of presentations


Nace, Negative Events, Shareholders, Equity Investments, Beneficial Owners and other personal information

Number of Groups (each group can include up to 300 companies)


RESERVED AREA (in addition to what is foreseen in the public area)

Company registry number

300 |   extendable

Number of elaborations per registry



Business Plan Number for Personal Data


Advanced Group Analysis


Update analysis / uploading of financial statements


Customization Reclassification and saving of models


CR data entry

MCC band

Sectoral KPIs

LOM indicators

Crisis Code Indicators

Creation of customized slides

Delete / Hide accounting periods

Equity Value / Enterprise Value Calculation

DSCR calculation


Business Information (Surveys, Protests, Land Registry ...)

Creation / Update of Public Area Analysis

Central Risk Processing

Foreign Financial Statements Analysis

Services on request


It allows you to view, even in the Public Area, Crisis Indicators, LOM, MCC Band, ...

on request


Number of concurrent users

on request

Reserved Area Size (minimum increase: 100 Master data)

on request

Custom menus

on request

WEB Services

on request


What is the difference between PUBLIC AREA and RESERVED AREA?
Leanus, in addition to the DB for the analysis of the financial statements of companies who for at least one year have revenues higher than 500.000 euros or total assets greater than 5.000.000 euros even if with revenues lower than 500.000 euros (PUBLIC AREA), it also provides a RESERVED AREA dedicated to each of the users. In Public Area it is possible to search for companies using filters, create customized presentations and Groups (Aggregate Analysis of two or more Financial Statements), view Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet Indices and much more; In the Public Area, the Menus and functions marked with are not accessible "Padlock" (adjustments, reclassifications, MCC Band, Crisis Indicators, DSCR, Central Risks, Benchmark, Business Plan, etc)Reserved AreaInstead, allows you to customize the analyzes and use all the advanced analysis functions not accessible in the PUBLIC AREA both on historical data and for the Benchmark and Business Plan. Infinite elaborations are allowed for each of the personal data provided for in the profile.
Is it possible to analyze the financial statements of all Italian and foreign companies?
Yup. In addition to the DB of Italian companies, thanks to the connection with the Italian, Spanish and Hungarian Business Register, it is possible to access 100% of the analyzes in real time. All other financial statements, accounting situations or other accounting structures of Italian or foreign subjects can be processed in real time through specific reading, loading and reclassification procedures.The Service Center assists in the search for official financial statements of other EU and non-EU foreign countries.
Is it possible to download the data in excel and powerpoint?
It is possible but strongly not recommended. All the tables (the data source, the reclassified diagrams, etc.) can be downloaded in Excel, the graphs can be downloaded in Pdf or image format.
Leanus allows you to carry out all the main calculations traditionally carried out in Excel, without errors and in real time. The expert user, therefore, can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the time previously dedicated to Excel.
It is not possible to create a Power Point automatically.
What are the pay-as-you-go services not included in the fee? What can I buy using credits?
The pay-per-use services not included in the fee are the services of the Italian Business Register (Surveys, Protests, Optical Financial Statements, List of Members, List of Investments, Deeds, etc), Cadastral services, Dossiers that include Prejudicial and all products accessible from Buy Documents menu. IMPORTANT: 1 CR Leanus = 1 Euro and there is no minimum consumption.
Does each user have a limited number of processing operations to be carried out?
No. Each user can browse freely and without limits in all areas of the software provided for by your profile. Any consumer services that provide for charges in CR show the cost of the operation before confirmation. Furthermore, the report of the Consumption services is updated in real time and available in the Purchase Documents Menu
How many business plans can be made with the Leanus configuration provided for the customer?
Infinite for each of the Registries provided for the RESERVED AREA.
How many historical balance analyzes can be displayed for each user?
100% of the analysis of financial statements of Italian companies; all analyzes of companies with revenues greater than €500.000 they are part of the supplied DB; all others can be downloaded in real time thanks to the links with the Official Registers.
Is it possible to connect from home or only from a specific address (eg office)?
Yup. Access to Leanus is not bound by the IP address from which you connect; therefore it can be used from any computer or mobile, even from home.
What are the pay-as-you-go services not included in the fee? What can I buy using credits?
All services according to consumption are excluded from the Subscription Fee, namely:
  • Purchase of chamber data
  • Purchase of Business Information services
  • Creation / Update of Public Area Analysis
  • The export of the extended master data in Excel of a number of analyzes greater than 100 (the single tables, on the other hand, can be exported to Excel without limitations)
  • Services in Web Services

The possible cost of the consumer services is always indicated before confirming the operation.
IMPORTANT: 1 CR Leanus = 1 Euro and there is no minimum consumption.
Can I request a demo?
Yup, you can activate a demo at any time. Activate your DEMO access
How can I get more information?
For more information you can:
1. view the archive of thematic webinars;
2. request a demo;
3. download the list of analytical functionality;
4. consult the User Manual;
5. activate the profile Leanus Free;
6. write to the Service Center:

For the evaluation of companies, portfolios and markets, DATA, COMPETENCE, and ANALYSIS CAPABILITY are required Leanus combines DATA and ANALYSIS in real time and allows Banks, Companies and Professionals to free up resources to be used in activities with greater added value.