Leanus for Confidi: Business Analysis, Forward Looking, Consultancy and Business Plan

The trust system of our country is rapidly evolving due to the growing need of SMEs for obtain consultancy services and financing also directed by these operators. The recent regulatory pushes coming (e.g. EBA LOM) and the "void" left, in some cases, by banking operators in the area, they are in fact changing the role of Confidi and the demand for services from the Market.

Let's think of one small business requesting a guarantee or loan and the increasingly complex documentation requested to accompany the assessment. This includes, for example, the Business Plan business which can no longer be limited to a generic projection of the economic results expected by the entrepreneur but will have to represent the economic, patrimonial and financial implications of the project (Forward Looking Analysis) and highlight, through the metrics used by the banking system, its sustainability even in adverse scenarios.

Many small businesses are not able to carry out, in total autonomy, this type of analysis that they become however necessary both for the internal evaluation of the financial feasibility of the projects both for a correct and rapid setting of the practice. It is therefore essential for the entrepreneurial fabric to have new assistance and consultancy services available to support the increasingly complex relationship with financial intermediaries.

The impact for the Confidi of these new dynamics takes the form of an exogenous push towards an adaptation of their own organizational models which will have to add, to the traditional guarantee activity, also new lines of business capable of intercepting new needs of small businesses: finance and services.

During the webinar Leanus, Fintech platform for Business Analysis and Evaluation e Galileo, leading operator in the world of Confidi, they will discuss, also using real examples, how technology is a key enabling factor, capable of allowing Confidi to rapidly evolve towards new customer requests. In particular, the following topics will be explored in depth:

We will answer, also using practical cases, the following questions:

  • how to create a business plan using data from PEF Galileo;
  • which additional services to provide to SMEs and how to do it efficiently (e.g. benchmark, risk analysis, consultancy);
  • how to support Confidi in search for new customers.

STEFANO CARRARA - Leanus administrator

ANDREA GELFI - CEO @ Galileo Network


NOTE: The Leanus platform is constantly renewed and the individual functions are constantly updated. Some features shown in webinars may have consequences that were not yet available at the time of registration.