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What is Leanus?

Leanus is an intelligent analysis system used by Banks, Companies and Professionals both for the analysis of single companies and of portfolios and markets.

Starting from a Tax Code, it is possible to retrieve all available public data, integrate the analysis with accounting situations in any format, even in PDF, search and process the benchmark and the annual and monthly business plan. It also allows you to carry out market analyzes and company portfolios.

The dynamic and customizable analysis model allows you to integrate additional information (e.g. Central Credit Register) and to obtain personalized reporting complete with comments and points of attention.

The analysis model includes DSCR Calculation • Crisis Code • Central Risk Analysis • Central Medium Credit Band (MCC) • Debt Capacity • Company Value, Cash Flow Statement also in OIC format as well as the main analysis schemes adopted by banks, businesses and professionals.

Leanus allows you to reset the processing times dedicated to Excel, ensuring error control, while maintaining the flexibility required by the most experienced professionals.

Find out how in 10 steps

  • Analyze 100% of businesses in real time1
  • The analysis model is complete and customizable2
  • Leanus analyzes are smart3
  • Upload any accounting data in real time4
  • Customization, reclassification and scenario simulation5
  • Research and develop the benchmark6
  • Forward looking analysis, business plans and simulations7
  • Analysis of groups of companies, portfolios and markets8
  • Business risk profile calculation9
  • Data presentation and export10

Analyze 100% of businesses in real time

In addition to searching, by single name or through filters, between over 400.000 analisys continuously updated in the proprietary database, with one click you can download any balance sheet from the official registers and process it in real time.

The analysis model is complete and customizable

By Leanus analysis we mean the set of all information and processing associated with each personal data and related financial statements: Data source, Reclassification, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet Ratios, Sectoral KPIs, Crisis Indicators, LOM Indicators, Middle Credit Central Band, DSCR, Shareholders, Equity Investments, Negative Events Beneficial Owners, and so on.

Each index or elaboration is available not only on historical data (Multi-year or monthly budget analysis) but also for the Benchmark (Competitive Positioning) and forward looking projections (Business Plans). Leanus analysis also includes Presentations and Graphic Analysis.

Leanus analyzes are smart

In addition to highlighting anomalies, strengths, weaknesses, points of attention, Leanus analyzes allow to interpret weak signals that traditional budget analyzes neglect.

Some examples: Oversized inventory, presence of derivative contracts, increase in social security debts, break-even, ability to repay debt and much more.

Upload any accounting data in real time

In your RESERVED AREA, Leanus allows you to integrate public information with the accounting information in your possession without wasting time and without errors. You can upload financial statements or accounting situations in XBRL CSV, XLS, XML (or even PDF) in real time, without typing any number and processing the entire analysis model.

Leanus is also integrated with the systems Zucchetti management systems. From Ago Zucchetti the transfer of the accounting situations to Leanus takes place with a simple click.

In addition to the PDF of the financial statements, you can process the PDF of the Central Credit Register, all in one click.


The reclassification is managed automatically but pcan be changed by the user. You can call a reclassification model saved previously and reuse it for another company that shares the same source data structure (source). You can manage adjustments, simulate different scenarios both on historical data and on the Business Plan.

All indices, the Leanus Score, the Break Even Point and all the analyzes that depend on your reclassification model are updated in real time based on your assumptions. At any time you can go back to the original data which determined the analysis.

Research and develop the benchmark

Leanus allows you to develop the benchmark with different methodologies. Through sectoral codes (Nace, Nace, Sae, Rae,.), through nominative selection, through KPI, through any information linked to each analysis. You can compare any firm with its own benchmark, with a business aggregate, with foreign companies. You can position a single company within its competitive context and understand its sectoral dynamics in a short time e without mistakes.

Forward looking analysis, business plans and simulations

You can develop the Business Plan yearly or monthly simulating different scenarios for each single company or for each sector or group of companies.

You can enter any assumptions without rigidity.

The business plan includes the entire analysis model: Data source, Reclassification, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet Indices, Sectoral KPIs, Crisis Indicators, LOM Indicators, Middle Credit Central Band, DSCR.

You can compare forecasts with real data for the purposes of management control or control of covenants. The data of the Business Plan are also available statutory scheme and the CE.BI.


It is possible to aggregate a group of companies by identifying them through filters or by selecting them by Denomination or VAT number and analyzing them both at an aggregate level and individually through a menu dedicated to statistical evaluations (eg Distribution by Score, by Geographical Area, by Indices, Business Model, by Days of Credits, Days of Suppliers, Days of Inventories, etc.). All the information of the Leanus Analysis model (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Budget Indexes, Sectoral KPIs, Crisis Indicators, DSCR, etc.) they are available both for the aggregate and for individual companies on historical data, for the Benchmark and on Business Plan data. The Group Analysis module allows you to analyze quickly and in depth groups of Customers, Suppliers, UTP / NPL portfolios, Markets, Targets.


Leanus allows you to calculate the corporate risk profile with various proprietary methodologies (Leanus Score, Maximum Incremental Debt, Additional Risk from Covid, etc.) that of system (Central Middle Credit Band and PD, Altman's Z-Score, DSCR and bankability indices). Leanus also allows you to evaluate the Company Value (Equity Value, Enterprise Value) both on historical data and on Business Plan data. The Leanus Score is available for each historical or prospective accounting period.


Leanus allows you to elaborate the sophisticated Automatic Leanus Report (link for example) create customized presentations also in PDF, download the tables in excel and also to talk through web services, with your systems. Leanus also allows for a complete and in-depth analysis of the Central Credit Register.

How can I get more information?

For more information you can:

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3. download the business presentation;
4. consult the User Manual;
5. activate the profile Leanus Free;
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For the evaluation of companies, portfolios and markets, DATA, COMPETENCE and ABILITY TO ANALYSIS

Leanus combines DATA and ANALYSIS in real time and allows a Banks, Companies e Partners to free up resources to be used in activities with greater added value