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Leanus is a company analysis and evaluation platform that offers a series of useful functions for those interested in knowing the financial and operational situation of a company. The platform includes a control center and access to the accounting information of any company, and an expert evaluation system capable of highlighting any signs of attention and simulating the impacts of various hypotheses. Furthermore, Leanus offers the possibility of benchmarking, ie comparing the company's results with those of other companies in the sector, and of developing business plans and business aggregates.

Among the other features offered by Leanus, there are the calculation of the Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR extension), i.e. the ratio between the available cash flow and the financial commitments of the company, the analysis of the credit risk, the creditworthiness range, the debt capacity and the company value. All this information can be very useful for anyone interested in assessing the reliability of a company and making strategic decisions

All you need to understand companies: Data - Skills - Systems

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Welcome to Leanus (Liin-us)

Leanus is not ONLY a Financial Statements Database from which to be able to reach 100% of the existing public budgets but MOSTLY an innovative and dynamic platform for business analysis and evaluation. Leanus supports and optimizes the work processes of Corporate Banks and Business Professionals (Target research, Reliability assessment, Market analysis, Portfolio monitoring, Benchmark and Business Plan processing)

The Leanus Analyzes include, both on historical data and for the Benchmark, the Business Plan and the Business Aggregates:
Income Statement (classic and management) | Balance Sheet (Sources-Uses, Liquidity) | Financial statement (also in OIC) | Balance Sheet Indices | Kpi (general, Sectoral) | Indicators of the Crisis Code | DSCR extension | Central Risks | Bankability Indices | Equity Value | Enterprise Value | Debt capacity and Fido Recommended | Head Band MCC | Indicators LOM (Loan Origination and Monitoring) | Civil Scheme | Scheme AQR extension 1 | Custom Patterns.

Search for your company in the Leanus Database, in the Official Registers or upload the accounting situation from your PC

With Leanus you can analyze 100% of the companies. And if the balance sheet is not available on the official registers you can process the proprietary data in your possession (including S.A.S., CNS, Foreign financial statements, accounting situations, also in PDF)

The search can be carried out by Denomination, VAT number, address or through filters

View the reclassification template and adapt it to your needs

With Leanus you can modify and customize the reclassification model. All analyzes and presentations will be automatically updated

Research and develop the Benchmark

With Leanus you can search for competing companies and compare them with each other or with a company of your choice.

Develop the Business Plan (Annual or Monthly)

With Leanus you can develop the annual or monthly Business Plan. It is sufficient to insert the hypotheses of the plan to automatically obtain the prospective analyzes

Analyzes Markets, Portfolios, Customers, Suppliers

With Leanus you can analyze markets, customer and supplier portfolios or monitor a group of companies of your interest.

Create custom professional presentations with one click

With Leanus you can create standard or customized presentations, with or without descriptive comments

Buy Business Information and Data (the Business Information)

With Leanus, you can access in real time the Register of Italian Companies and the Registers of the main Italian and foreign suppliers of business information

Download the APP free of Leanus!

You will be able to view the main financial data also on the move. And if you are a user Leanus Premium with your credentials you also see the economic, financial and financial profile and Lean Score.

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Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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