THE DIGITAL CFO ERA - Cash Management

Process control and automation, integration with all other company systems, immediate reports, cash flow management international, complex data reconciliation. Here are the priorities of the Italian CFOs today on the subject of financial planning, treasury management and cash management.

In every sector companies in addition to the possibility of "systematize" planning must have the ability to manage and control the process, in terms of automation, reduction of data processing times, security, traceability.

All themes of digital transformation and to satisfy them, the ERP system is often not enough because it is not able to manage bank accounts and cash flows in real time both from a budgetary and final point of view. Treasury management has different logics from accounting.
We will talk about this and much more in our web event.

Introduces the webinar:
Marcello IANNUZZIELLO - President of ADC Bologna

Stefano CARRARA - Leanus Administrator
Ilaria SESTINI - CEO Rewind
Francesco BRAMI - CEO Change Capital
Mauro TRANQUILLI - CEO DocFinance
Massimiliano LODDO - Director of LaSia Spa