PRIVATE EQUITY - What can be improved in the interest of the system?

Despite the number of operators and SMEs Italian potential targets of Private Equity Funds, to complete a transaction it requires long times, high skills and a great capacity for dialogue between the world of finance and that of business. The near future and the current Emergency will probably force all interlocutors to change something and find a meeting point that allows both parties to achieve higher goals than those set independently or following a standard approach. To try to fully understand the dynamics that intervene in the relationships between funds and companies and to understand how the Coronavirus emergency could change the Private Equity market, together with one of the leading experts in the sector, we will retrace the entire process, from scouting to exit.

As usual we show how Leanus, if used by "expert hands", it can make it possible to speed up work processes, reduce errors to zero and above all help to follow new paths that are difficult to identify using traditional approaches.

Marco Vismara - M & A / Private Equity Professional


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