Credit Monitoring – 3

During the last session we studied the Case Study relating to a company that went bankrupt in June 2023, going into detail on the economic, equity and financial dynamics found in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 financial statements that preceded its bankruptcy.

We have seen together how individual indices, including LOM banking indicators, are not always able to be predictive of a future default but that it is only through a series of insights, specific analyzes and simulations that the analyst is able to better understand the current situation of a company and the prospective sustainability of its business.

During this session, however, we will analyze a portfolio of almost 1.000 real companies, putting ourselves in the shoes of the credit monitoring manager of a bank who has the difficult task of identifying problematic or potentially problematic positions even among companies classified in STAGE 1.


STEFANO CARRARA - Leanus administrator


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