Master to obtain the certificate in Operational Finance

Who is it dedicated to?

The Master is dedicated to all Business Professionals, Consultants, Credit Managers, Credit Analysts, Monitoring Experts, NPL/NPE Portfolio Managers who deal with businesses on a daily basis. Participation is free and free but recommended to those who have at least 5 years of experience.

When does the 2023 Master start and how many sessions does it include?

The 2023 Master Edition start date is March 7 2023. There will be 3 recap sessions of the fundamentals of balance sheet analysis, benchmarking and business planning and 10 sessions dedicated to the 3 main processes that characterize the credit life cycle.

What are the differences compared to previous editions of the Master Leanus?

The 2023 edition, in addition to 3 recap sessions of the fundamentals of financial statement analysis, benchmarking and business planning, includes 10 sessions in which the following processes will be analyzed in detail:

  • The Credit Process - How to optimize the Bank-Business-Professional relationship
  • Credit monitoring
  • The analysis of NPE portfolios. From receiving the "data tape" to evaluating recovery strategies

To whom will the certificate be issued?

The certificate of Expert in Operational Finance will be issued only to those who will participate in the final assessment test and who will correctly answer at least 70% of the questions. The certificate of participation will be issued upon request to those who have actively participated in at least 10 of the 13 planned sessions.

Are there interim and final evaluation sessions?

Yes, at the end of each analysis module of the main credit processes there is an interim evaluation. The winner in the evaluations will be awarded 1.000 CR Leanus (equivalent to €1.000). After the last session, a final evaluation will be carried out relating to the topics of the entire programme. The first 3 classified in this evaluation will be assigned respectively (even in the event of ex-equo) 3.000 CR Leanus – 2.000 CR Leanus – 1.000 CR Leanus