Master in Operational Finance - Analysis by portfolios and mistakes to avoid

Credit monitoring managers, study center analysts, NPL / UTP experts and many other professionals often need to analyze portfolios or market segments consisting of a large number of positions. The information available however is many times partial, decentralized, out of date and difficult to manage even for Excel experts.

The traditional approach involves a methodology "TopDown"; the most important positions are analyzed individually, the secondary ones in an aggregate manner, on the basis of criteria defined on paper but which hardly take into account the specific characteristics of the portfolio and / or the availability and quality of the data.

By following this approach, the risk of making mistakes is very high. During the session we will show how this is possible analyze and cluster a business portfolio having as input a list of tax codes or search criteria; we will show how to segment and evaluate the portfolio in a dynamic way, updating the analyzes at the same time as the availability of new information, financial statements or updated accounting situations. We will also show the risks of adopting traditional segmentation criteria or simple sector aggregations.

In summary we will show how to create a dynamic observatory able to provide aggregate information being able to go back, at any time, to the detailed information, up to the individual accounts that determined each balance.

Ivan LEAF -Executive Partner at


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