Operational Finance Master - Business Plan and budgeting

The realization of a Business Plan it is an indispensable but also fundamental process for everyone request for a loan and for bank assessment procedures (SREP) e monitoring (LOM). Starting from the current numbers, the Business Plan develops the project demonstrating its financial sustainability as well as the associated risks and scenarios and accounting for the number of resources required, their nature, their use and return.

Creating a valid Business Plan therefore involves the planning of revenues, costs, assets, liabilities and cash and the analyst's evaluation of the many possible scenarios that derive from it. The Bank will then evaluate the request by thoroughly analyzing the Business Plan, which thus becomes the fundamental element on which to base the decision to grant any financing.

In this webinar we will then illustrate how to create a complete Business Plan, highlighting how the outlined scenarios can radically vary according to the assumptions assumed at the outset and highlighting the fundamental role of the analyst who must equip himself with extremely flexible tools that simplify the simulation process to allow more time for the necessary assessments.

Michele WIFE - Advisor at inFinance.it


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