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The menu Evaluation last period allows you to view and perform processing relating to the last available accounting period. Below are some examples.

  • The Leanus Score is a performance indicator that takes into account various economic, equity and financial aspects of the company.
  • The Resilience indicator measures the company's ability to resist economic and financial difficulties.
  • Altman's Zeta-Score is a default risk assessment model that uses various economic and financial metrics to predict the likelihood of a firm failing.
  • The Recommended Credit Line is the maximum loan limit that the company can obtain based on its financial situation.
  • The Middle Central Credit Band (MCC) is a classification that indicates a company's credit rating.
  • Central Credit Processing is a service that provides information on a company's creditworthiness based on its financial situation and payment history.
  • I KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are key performance indicators that help assess the health of a company. THE KPI sectoral are specific to the business sector of the company, while i KPI crisis code measure the company's risk of insolvency. THE KPI general are general performance indicators, such as the ROI (Return on Investment) or the profit margin.
  • The Leanus Benchmark Comparison compares company data with the industry average, providing an assessment of the company's performance against the industry average.

The menu Last Period Evaluation provides an in-depth analysis of the accounting data relating to the last period, that is
The Economic, Equity and Financial Profile, the Leanus Score, the Resilience indicator and the Altman Zeta-Score for the last accounting period
In-depth analysis of accounting data relating to the last period
Fido Recommended
Middle Central Credit Band (MCC)
Central Risk Processing
KPI Sectoral
KPI Crisis code
KPI Generali
Comparison with Leanus benchmarks

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