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Save / Retrieve custom reclassification criteria?

save or Archive and later retrieve all custom reclassifications, after making the necessary changes, simply use the appropriate box located above the Reclassification schemes and in the Reclassification Menu.

How do I archive a custom reclassification?

The indicated operation is generally available in AREA CONFIDENTIAL

Log in to Leanus and go in AREA CONFIDENTIAL (if required by your profile)
Research the company you intend to analyze (if not present in yours AREA CONFIDENTIAL, search in the public area and transfer it to AREA CONFIDENTIAL o Create it through the menu Process Analysis / Create New Analysis
Go to Source and Reclassification / Reclassification Source on Management Schemes or to any of the schemes Reclassified Income Statement or Balance Sheet
Edit, customize the reclassification. In the income statement or balance sheet layouts, click on the individual items to view the options.
Open the drop-down menu Custom reclassifications
Click on Archive
Choose if whether or not to share the model with other members of your team (if any)
Click on Save

The reclassification highlighted in orange is the active one for the current analysis. The box for the Saving Reclassification it is available both in the Reclassification Menu and in the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement Menus.

How do I Retrieve a previously archived custom reclassification?

From the moment of saving onwards, you can recall the reclassification model at any time by clicking on the name assigned at the time of saving. The model will be usable for all analyzes originating from the same data model (Eg. Civil, L1, custom L2 model, etc).

To retrieve a previously saved reclassification template

Log in to Leanus
Research the company that you intend to analyze / or create it using, as a source, the same data model
Go to Analysis of Budget / Reclassification or to a scheme of Income statement, balance sheet or cash flow statement
Edit, customize the reclassification
Open the drop-down menu Custom reclassifications
Click on Name of the reclassification model previously saved

The reclassification model in use is highlighted in orange. To use the default reclassification model, click on “Reset Reclassification” present in the balancing check box


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