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The virtual analyst at the service of professionals, companies, service companies and all experts in analyzing and evaluating companies, sectors, markets, portfolios.

We process your analyzes in a few moments; you will have more time to analyze the results and discuss them with your counterpart.


SOS PROFESSIONAL is an online assistance service in favor of those who need to analyze the financial statements of companies, calculate the rating of the Guarantee Fund, Elaborate the Benchmark, calculate the indicators of the Crisis, Elaborate a business plan, evaluate the riskiness of a commercial portfolio, process public or proprietary accounting data, prepare customized presentations or carry out complex analyzes.


Send your request to ours indicating the type of analysis it intends to carry out, the expected output and the deadline by which the analyzes must be completed. The Service Center will evaluate the request and, if it is possible to process it, will inform you of the time and cost of the intervention.


  • The consultants
  • i CFO of businesses
  • The Private Equity Experts
  • The auditors
  • The accountants
  • Lawyers
  • The bankruptcy trustees

What services can be requested through SOS PROFESSIONAL?

Some examples:

  • Analysis of the financial statements of any Italian or foreign company over a period of 10 years
  • Preparation of a chart of accounts or an accounting situation provided by the professional
  • Benchmark between a company and 4 domestic or foreign competitors (provided they are available in balance sheet data)
  • Development of a Business Plan (economic, equity and financial profile)
  • Calculation of the Company Value (Equity Value, Enterprise Value)
  • Calculation of the risk profile and credit line
  • Calculation of the indicators of the Crisis
  • Calculation of the Central Middle Credit Band
  • Custom analysis
  • Analysis of a business portfolio
  • Analysis of a group
  • Search of business directories by Ateco code, SAE, SALE, personal data or other accounting criteria (Revenues, Pfn, Indices, cash flow, etc)

Public data (financial statements, surveys, protests, etc.) are provided directly by Leanus. To process proprietary accounting data (charts of accounts, interim situations, processed in xls, etc.) data must be provided in an editable format (XBR extension, XML, CSV, XLS, ..); The customer can choose the type of output (management schemes, schemes AQR extension, Schemes AQR extension 1, ..) and the format (PDF, JPEG, XLS, ..)

What information must be given to SOS PROFESSIONAL?

  • Name / tax code of each of the companies being analyzed
  • Objective of the analysis (eg Submission of a loan application, Crisis Indicator Calculation, Band Calculation of MCC, Internal analyzes, etc)
  • Any proprietary accounting data that you intend to process
  • Any customized reclassification criteria [you will be contacted by one of our consultants for the necessary further information]
  • Possible hypotheses of the business plan [you will be contacted by one of our consultants for the necessary information]
  • In the case of a request for the extraction of Lists, the selection criteria [you will be contacted by one of our consultants for the necessary further information]

How much does the SOS service cost PROFESSIONAL?

  • For each request, the Professional must activate (if not already available) a profile Leanus PREMIUM 20
  • The Service Center will estimate the hours needed to process the request; this estimate will represent the maximum cost that the customer can bear.
  • At the end of the works, the Service Center will charge the hours actually used.
  • The analyzes carried out will be accessible directly in theAREA CONFIDENTIAL to the Professional during the entire period of validity of the profile PREMIUM

The service is offered in Italy and Spain through our partner informs D&B

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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