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The module Search with filters of Leanus allows you to identify companies that meet certain characteristics using a large library of search criteria. Filters are organized into sections

  • Generali
  • Registry
  • Roles People
  • Reclassified Income Statement
  • Reclassified Balance Sheet
  • Financial statement
  • civil scheme
  • Balance sheet indices
  • Owner data

An unlimited number of filters can be used. After the selection it is possible to create the aggregate balance sheet, the sectoral study, the commented reports and much more


Access Leanus in the Public Area (if applicable)
Go to "Process Analysis / Filter Master Data
Select the reference year (e.g. 2022) for research relating to accounting data
Enter the filter initials (e.g. “Revenues” or “Pfn Ebitda” to search respectively for Revenues or Pfn / EBITDA)
Follow the wizard to set your search criteria
Add filters by clicking on “+”
Click "Apply" filters to view the results

After each search you can click on “list actions” to:

  • Create a group analysis
  • Download lists in excel
  • Copy analyzes to AREA CONFIDENTIAL for any in-depth analysis

Practical Tips

To make the most of the search form with filters, it is important to follow a few recommendations:

  • Carefully choose the search criteria: it is important to choose the search criteria in order to identify the companies best suited to your needs.
  • Use search criteria in combination: You can use multiple search criteria together to further narrow your search.
  • Verify the search results: it is important to verify that the companies identified actually satisfy the search criteria and that they are comparable in terms of size, business sector and reference market.

View the detailed procedures in this manual to discover all the functions
View the "Frequently Asked Questions" section

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Go to Process Analysis / Filter Master Data

Enter i search criteria

By indicating the reference year in "Select Reference Year for Search", any searches on accounting data (e.g. Revenues >>greater than or equal to>> 3.000.000) will return the results relating to companies that meet the criterion for the indicated year.
Carrying out the same search without indicating the year, we will obtain the enterprises which for any of the years meet the indicated criterion.

By indicating the reference year in "Select Only Analysis with Last Financial Year:", you will identify the companies for which no financial statement data are available after the period indicated.

To use multiple filters at the same time, click on “+ Add Filter”. There are no limits. Using a large number of filters at the same time may slow down response times.

Click on “Apply Filters” to view the results

Click on “Archive Filters” , to save your search criteria

Click on “Load Filters” to retrieve previously stored filters

Click on "Sum" to calculate the total of a single item (e.g. Total Financial Payables)

Click on "Actions" Create Group to create the aggregate analysis

The filters are organized into macro-categories:

Check balance, Number of Accounting Periods, Type of Financial Statements, Membership of Leanus Groups, Last Update, ...

Personal data
Name, Tax Code, Address, Municipality, Postcode, Province, Nace, Sector, MCC, ...

Income Statement
All items of the reclassified Leanus Income Statement: Revenues, Purchases, Change in Inventories, .. Net Income

Balance Sheet
All items in the reclassified Leanus balance sheet: Tangible assets, Intangible assets,… Liquidity

Financial statement
All items in the Leanus reclassified cash flow statement: Operating Cash Flow, Cash Flow from investments, Cash Flow from loans, ...

Balance sheet indices
All financial ratios calculated by Leanus including Leanus Score, Pfn/ EBITDA, Z.Score, ...

Statutory Financial Statements
All items of the statutory budget

Search fields defined for specific customer needs

It is possible to insert an unlimited number of criteria, Multiple selection is allowed.

Analytical list of features

Some examples


Personal data

Items in the Reclassified Income Statement

Reclassified Balance Sheet Items (Source-Uses)

Cash Flow Statement Items (Indirect Method)

Balance sheet indices



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