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The search module with Leanus filters allows you to identify companies that meet certain characteristics using a large library of search criteria. This is a very useful tool for business management, as it allows you to identify the businesses that are most interesting for your business based on your goals and needs.

To make the most of the search form with filters, it is important to follow a few recommendations:

  • Carefully choose the search criteria: it is important to choose the search criteria in order to identify the companies best suited to your needs.
  • Use search criteria in combination: You can use multiple search criteria together to further narrow your search.
  • Verify the search results: it is important to verify that the companies identified actually satisfy the search criteria and that they are comparable in terms of size, business sector and reference market.

By following these recommendations, it will be possible to make the best use of the Leanus filter search module and identify the companies that best suit your needs.

Go to Process Analysis / Filter Master Data

Enter i search criteria

It is possible to insert an unlimited number of criteria, Multiple selection is allowed.

Filters are organized into 6 macro-categories:

Check balance, Number of Accounting Periods, Type of Financial Statements, Membership of Leanus Groups, Last Update, ...

Personal data
Name, Tax Code, Address, Municipality, Postcode, Province, Nace, Sector, MCC, ...

Income Statement
All items of the reclassified Leanus Income Statement: Revenues, Purchases, Change in Inventories, .. Net Income

Balance Sheet
All items in the reclassified Leanus balance sheet: Tangible assets, Intangible assets,… Liquidity

Financial statement
All items in the Leanus reclassified cash flow statement: Operating Cash Flow, Cash Flow from investments, Cash Flow from loans, ...

Balance sheet indices
All financial ratios calculated by Leanus including Leanus Score, Pfn/ EBITDA, Z.Score, ...

Some examples


Personal data

Items in the Reclassified Income Statement

Reclassified Balance Sheet Items (Source-Uses)

Cash Flow Statement Items (Indirect Method)

Balance sheet indices


To learn more

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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