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Leanus Automatic Report – here's how it works


The Leanus Automatic Report is a tool for analyzing the financial performance of a company or group of companies. It includes various sections, such as the economic, asset and financial profile, debt capacity and credit line, strengths, points of attention and weaknesses, and recommended insights. Furthermore, for companies present in its archive, the report also includes the main accounting data of the last three years available, information on the company file, negative events, shareholders, equity investments, beneficial owners, local units and the reclassification model.

The automatic report for business groups also includes additional analyses, such as distribution by risk profile, rankings, statistical analyzes and geo-referencing. The report is described as dynamic, as it takes into account the user's choices and the characteristics of the company being analysed, and transparent, as it shows both the analyzes and the data that determined them. Furthermore, the report is available at no additional cost to all companies in your archive


Log in to Leanus
Research the analysis of interest
Click on Create and Print Annotated Report from the Home Menu or Presentation Menu


For any business (both in the Public Area and in the Reserved Area) and for any aggregate of companies (Groups) it is possible to process an automatic report dynamic and descriptive which includes the following sections:

  • Periods processed
  • Economic, Patrimonial and Financial Profile
  • Code of the Crisis, Band MCC, KPI and Score
  • Debt and Credit Capacity
  • Strengths
  • Points of Attention
  • Points of weakness
  • Recommended insights
  • Main Accounting Data (referring to the last 3 financial years if available)
  • Business Plan (Inertial in AREA CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Company tab
  • Negative Events
  • So
  • Wedding invitations
  • Beneficial owners
  • Local units
  • Reclassification Model
  • Civilistic Scheme

The automatic group report also includes the following additional analyzes;
- Distribution by risk profile
- Leaderboards
- Statistical analysis
- Georeferencing

Il Automatic Leanus Report is:

DYNAMIC - why takes into account the choices made by the user and the characteristics of the company object of analysis;
TRANSPARENT - because it shows not only the analyzes but also the data that determined the result;
CHEAP - because it is available,without additional costs, for all the companies present in its archive;
INTELLIGENT - why highlights points of attention and weaknesses which might otherwise be overlooked;
VERSATILE - because it processes also the proprietary accounting situations.

Leanus Automatic Report – here's how it works

Download an example of the Leanus Automatic Report


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