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Purchase of documents from the Business Register (CC.I.AA)

The chamber of commerce search service allows you to access different types of information and documents relating to businesses and companies. It is possible to carry out searches using various criteria, such as the name or tax code of the subject, the type of document requested and a specific search key. To use the service, you must have a positive credit balance and access to the services may incur a usage charge. Once the subject of interest, the type of document and the search key have been selected, it will be possible to access the services and download documents in real time such as surveys, protests, financial statements, supplementary notes, deeds, lists of shareholders and equity investments, addresses PEC and files.

Select the subject;
the type of document requested;
the search key.

Select the option below to also include discontinued subjects, sole proprietorships and local units in the search.

Select the document of your interest.


Some examples of Documents

  • So
  • Wedding invitations
  • Directors
  • Mayors
  • Proceedings
  • Financial statements and management reports (since 1994)
  • Company Profile in English


To purchase Chamber Services

To purchase chamber of commerce services through Leanus, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Log in to Leanus and check that you have enough credit to perform the desired operation.
  2. Go to the "Purchase Documents/Chamber Services" section.
  3. Select the type of subject of interest (companies, sole proprietorships or natural persons).
  4. Select the type of document you want (surveys, corporate offices, balance sheet archives, protests, deeds for companies; corporate offices, shareholdings, protests for natural persons).
  5. Choose the search key (name or tax code/reg IVA o SALE for business; tax code or name and surname for natural persons).
  6. Select “Closed and Others”, “Local Units” and “Company Register Position” to extend the search to additional archives.
  7. Click "Search". If there is a charge for the operation, the value will be shown next to the 'Search' button.
  8. If the search criteria entered are associated with 2 or more subjects, identify the one of interest and click on "View", otherwise go to the next step.
  9. Select the document or documents of interest or the individual blocks contained in the searches. If you cannot find the document you want, you can select another document from the "More Options" box on the right.
  10. Choose, if provided by the user profile, the delivery method (immediate or deferred).
  11. Click on "Buy".

Note: The steps described may vary depending on your service specifications and system configuration. We recommend that you consult your system's documentation or support for more information on purchasing chamber services.


If you have chosen the immediate delivery method and have selected only one document, the requested document will be displayed in a few moments. In other cases, a queue will be displayed with the list of operations requested from the Infocamere Company Register. After a few minutes of waiting, the "Check Request Status" button may appear. Click this button to refresh the page and check the status of your request. When the document has been delivered, an icon will appear next to the requested document. Click the icon to view or download the document. If the document relates to a Leanus analysis present in the list of personal data, it will be possible to access the corresponding analysis by clicking on the link located under the company name. In any case, a summary email of the operations carried out will be sent, with the cost and the link to the requested document. While you wait, you can continue using Leanus and you will be sent a message and email when the document is available.


To view the queue of required documents

Go to Buy Documents / Research History


To purchase chamber of commerce services for a company already developed in Leanus

Log in to Leanus
Verify you have enough credit to perform the desired operation
Articles the analysis of your interest (the second menu level is visible)
Go to Company Data / Chamber of Commerce data and surveys (the tax code is already placed in the appropriate space.
Click on Search
Follow the step 10-13 of the previous procedure


Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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