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The protest is the act by which an authorized Public Official, also known as a levy officer (notary, bailiff, municipal secretary), ascertains the non-acceptance of a bill of exchange or the non-payment of a bill, a promissory note, a bank check or postal. The raising officers, at the end of each month, must transmit to the Chamber of Commerce competent for the territory the list of protests recorded: the debtor against whom each protest is raised must be identified with the indication of the name, domicile, place and date of birth (if a natural person) or name and address (if legal person).

The protest is advertised in order to protect anyone who has economic relations with the protester.
Within 10 days from the transmission of the list, the Chambers of Commerce will take care of the publication of the protests through the homonymous Register (Protests Register) established by Law 15/11/1995, n. 480.

The news of each protest raised is preserved in Protests register up to its eventual cancellation, which took place following the presentation of the related request (eg due to payment, illegality or error). The cancellation of the protest data is ordered by the President of the competent Chamber of Commerce no later than twenty days from the date of presentation of the relative application, accompanied by the rehabilitation provision. In the absence of such cancellation, the news of each protest raised is kept in the Register for 5 years from the date of registration.
Upon definitive cancellation from the Register of data relating to the protest, the latter is considered, to all intents and purposes, as never having occurred.

Access to services requires a charge according to consumption; therefore it is necessary to have a positive credit balance.

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