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Benchmarking is a process of comparing a company with other companies or reference groups, in order to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement.
Benchmarking is a very useful tool for business management, as it allows you to identify areas of strength and weakness of the company and to identify opportunities for improvement. However, it is important to consider that benchmarking must be carried out using reliable and comparable data and that the results obtained must be interpreted carefully, taking into account the specificities of the company.

The Leanus Benchmark module is a useful tool for comparing the performance of a company with that of other companies or with industry benchmarks. This allows you to have a more complete view of the company's situation and to identify any areas for improvement or strength.

What is important to know to make the best use of the Benchmark module?

To select the companies to compare with, use the menu Benchmark / Associate Businesses
It is possible to compare up to 5 analyzes at the same time. To compare a larger number of businesses use the Group Analysis Menu
You can search for competitors using the form Search with Filters
You can compare a firm with other firms, with custom groups or benchmarks, or a group with other groups
Your User Profile may require the use of the Benchmark module only in AREA CONFIDENTIAL. All analyzes must therefore be transferred to the Reserved Area
The Benchmark is calculated on the last accounting period available for all the companies considered
To view the Benchmark on previous years (as long as they are available for all the companies in question) you can hide the last accounting period

It will be possible to use all the submenus of the Benchmark Module to compare all the elements of the analysis model (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Financial Statement Ratios, Statutory, Banks Scheme, Etc)

Download here the pdf with all the information to be able to * process your Benchmark in the best possible way.

How is the Benchmark developed?

In the Menu Benchmark select the submenu Associate Companies
Click on the "+" corresponding to "Benchmark"
Search by Denomination, batch IVA o Ateco code the companies to be included and follow the procedure ("Click on Add and then on Proceed")
It is possible to compare up to 5 analyzes at the same time

In the Menu Home through the Box Associate Companies just click on the "+" and follow the instructions indicated in point 3

There are other ways of processing the Benchmark

Leanus provides the ability to process the benchmark in 4 different ways.

Il Benchmark menu allows you to elaborate the comparison between up to five companies chosen by name by the user.
For business search through Nace or other Filters, uses Filter Master Data Menu
To carry out the Automatic benchmarking with Leanus models, use the Last Period Valuation / Benchmark Comparison Menu
To search for the Benchmark via the analysis of a group of companies previously selected through filters, use the function Create a group of companies selected through the Filters

What is meant by Benchmark with selection by Denomination?

If you know the names of the competitors you can associate the main company with up to 4 companies (Italian or foreign) with which to make the comparison through the Positioning Menu Competitive / Manage Relationships, you can make your selection All firms to be included in the Benchmark must be previously transferred to AREA CONFIDENTIAL (if required by your profile).

In this mode you can compare businesses using the entire Leanus Analysis Model. Some examples:

  • Comparison of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Cash Flow Statement OIC, Civil Scheme, Scheme CEBI
  • Calculation of relative market shares
  • Leanus Score Comparison
  • Comparison of Corporate Value
  • Comparison of balance sheet ratios, of KPI, of the Indicators of the Crisis.

Furthermore, the graphs that can be exported in pdf, png, jpeg are automatically generated. All prospectuses and tables can be exported to excel.

To access the operating procedures use the "Search field" of this manual.

Can the Benchmark module also be used to compare the Business Plan data with the trend data?

YES, to make the comparison follow the procedure below:

Develop the business plan, the statutory scheme on prospective data will also be processed automatically.
Access the statutory framework of the Business Plan and download the XML for each of the annuities of your interest (icon placed at the top corresponding to the year).
Prepare a new budget analysis (from XBR extension, XML, XLS) using theXML just downloaded (“BP” will be added to the CF of the main company.
Update the new registry with the others XML
Access the analysis of the company in which the performance data are present
Select the analysis related to the Business Plan as Benchmark just processed.

It will be considered as the reference year the last common year present both in the trend and in the Business Plan. To view different annuities, use the function: Hide / Show Accounting Period.

How is the Leanus Automatic Benchmark Model processed?

The Leanus Benchmark refers to a cluster of financial statements of similar companies in terms of size, business models and eco / fin profile regardless ofATECO. On each cluster, Leanus chooses as benchmark the company profile that identifies 30% of the best.

What is the best way to identify the Benchmark?

The best way depends on the information you have available. In the absence of specific information, the Leanus Benchmark or the search through sector codes (Ateco, Nace, SAE, RAE, ..) and further analysis via the Group Analysis module, allows you to identify a list of potential competitors with a margin of error that depends on available information and user experience. The entrepreneur generally knows his competitors; the selection by Denomination is certainly the most effective but often not feasible method.

The benchmarking service is distributed in Spain by our Partner Inform D&B.

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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