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Economic / Financial Planning

The Leanus Business Plan module allows you to elaborate sophisticated business scenarios, linking them to the final balance sheet and accounting data. The elaboration consists in the projection, for future annual or monthly periods, of all the components of a complete and professional Business Plan, namely:

  • Management and Statutory Income Statement
  • Management and statutory balance sheet
  • Financial Management Statement e OIC
  • Balance Sheet Indices
  • Crisis Code Indicators
  • Bankability indices
  • Score, Company Value
  • DSCR extension calculated in six different ways

It is also possible to apply the actual accounting data to the same final accounting data different scenarios that the Professional can compare in real time also in order to monitor the differences between the current and the prospective data. The Leanus System allows the Firm to automatically create professional presentations for the client, in which the scenarios are represented and compared with each other.

With the form Leanus Business Plan you can, in a few moments, create a Business Plan (annual or monthly) by entering the underlying assumptions. For each hypothesis or simulation, the entire analysis model, complete with Financial Statement, Crisis Indicators, DSCR extension, Scores, KPI, Civil Scheme e AQR extension 1 is updated in real time. The Leanus module is extremely powerful and can be used not only for projections relating to individual companies but also for assessments of groups or clusters of companies for the purposes, for example, of the Banking Self Assessment (SREP), understanding of sectoral dynamics and much more.

The system, easy and intuitive to use, allows you to create scenarios with economic, equity and financial variables referable to the following areas:

  • Operating and non-operating revenues
  • Purchases and consumption
  • Variable production and commercial costs
  • Fixed production and commercial costs
  • General and administrative costs
  • Staff plan
  • Tax management
  • Financial and extraordinary management
  • Depreciation and future provisions
  • Loans in progress and new lines
  • Capital increases
  • Typical and non-characteristic working capital development
  • Investment management and divestments
  • Cash Flows
  • ...

The Business Plan and Budget can also be created at the level of individual business units belonging to the same company.

Let's see how to create a Business Plan complete for a company that does not yet exist in a few minutes. Leanus transforms the working assumptions into Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow projections immediately creating the professional documentation necessary to validate a business project and dialogue with investors and banks.

How to provide the service to the customer

  1. Charge on Leanus gli latest accounting or balance sheet data to which to apply the assumptions for future periods;
  2. ask the customer for the hypotheses to build the business plan (e.g. new sales, new hires or investments, new credit lines, etc.);
  3. enter the assumptions of the customer on Leanus;
  4. verifies the impact of the hypotheses in real time and therefore the sustainability of the hypothesized scenario, the cash flow generated and its bankability.


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