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Leanus collects daily the operational needs of the users of the platform and transforms them into new functionalities. The following the main innovations already available on the platform.

Companies Search through CF List


The menu + Search Tax Codes allows you to search for companies in the DB through a significant list of tax codes
To search for a small number of tax codes, you can use the "search by tax code" filter and manually enter the tax codes


Log in to Leanus
Go to Process Analysis / + Search tax codes
Download the Excel and enter the list of CF (max 500 at a time, for larger draws contact the Service Center)
Upload the Excel file appropriately filled out
Apply filters after viewing the results

The instructions shown on the video will guide you. For further assistance, contact the Service Centre

Check Reclassifications, Framing and Abnormalities

To analyze a company you need to integrate public budgets (if available) and accounting situations provided by the Client and/or extracted from accounting systems. The information used as SOURCE but often they can be:

  • incorrect from an accounting point of view;
  • non complete;
  • model-based standard reclassification or customized;
  • sufficient to be able to develop the business plan;
  • not sufficiently updated;
  • accompanied by the data of the Central Risks;

Leanus automatically carries out these checks and makes a box available to the user "Check Reclassifications, Reconciliations and Abnormalities" relating to all these aspects and indicating the accounting period in respect of which these anomalies occurred.

The user, before starting the analysis process, can intervene to complete the analysis model. The box is available on the Page HOME.

Search by Roles for Physical and Legal Persons

The menu “Search with Filters” has been further enhanced with the introduction of Search by Roles Natural and Legal Persons
For example, it is possible to enter the Tax code of a person and identify all the companies in which the Natural Person is a Shareholder, Beneficial Owner, Representative or having offices.

Through the filter it is possible, for example, to identify:

  • all the societies somehow related to the same subject;
  • all the connections, direct and indirect, of a natural or legal person;
  • all companies which refer to a certain auditing firm;
  • all companies that are held by natural persons of foreign nationality;
  • ..

The research refers to the companies included in the Leanus database.


  1. Menu: Process Analysis/Filter Registry
  2. Filter by: "Roles of physical persons"
  3. Select the operator “Contains, equals”
  4. Confirm

Automatic processing PDF accounting situation

In case it is necessary to upload an accounting situation downloaded in PDF from the main accounting systems it is now possible to obtain automatic digitization and reclassification

Main formats managed:
PDF Teamsystem
PDF Financial statements filed
PDF Other management systems

The library of automatically managed formats is constantly evolving.


  1. Select the company or create a new analysis
  2. select the option "Upload balances"
  3. Please upload of the file

Manual Entry of Accounting Data on Predefined Schemes

In case you need to upload an accounting statement available on paper or in non-editable format, now (in addition to using models L1, L2) it is now possible to manually upload directly to a predefined format.

The formats currently available are:
Civilistic Scheme
Scheduling AQR extension (Bank Scheme)


  1. Select the company or create a new analysis
  2. Select the option "Manual entry on predefined schemes"
  3. I will follow the instructions as shown in the figure

Management of “Cash Pooling” cases

Leanus allows you to identify companies which transfer liquidity by virtue of Cash Pooling contracts and allows you to bring out the liquidity transferred (financial credit).


  1. Select the company;
  2. open the box Points of attention Last Period and check if the entry is present "Probable Cash Pooling";
  3. if present, check the item in the financial statements "Financial assets for centralized treasury management".

Analysis Pfn / EBITDA

Leanus elaborates the analysis of Pfn ed EBITDA both on historical data and on the data of the Business Plan so that the user can evaluate which is the best reclassification model to be adopted to better analyze the individual company reality

To display the menu

  1. select the company or group
  2. access Budget analysis / synthesis / ebitda pfn analysis

By clicking on the label it is possible to view the calculation method of each item

Loading a Balance Sheet in PDF in less than 10 seconds

Leanus not only allows you to search for any company in your DB Budgets need check the availability of additional official financial statements present in the Chamber of Commerce but it also allows you to upload budgets format PDF even before these are available at the Official Register of Companies.

This means that the professional is no longer forced to:

  1. copy the balance sheet data on an excel or on your own system;
  2. carry out the reclassification;
  3. check the correctness of the elaborations.

With Leanus you load the PDF directly into the system and perform the analysis in less than 10 seconds!

Indicators LOM Corporate

The function, of specific interest to users involved in the credit process, allows the indicators to be processed in real time LOM both on historical data (including accounting situations) and for the benchmark and the processing of the Business Plan.

The number of indicators achieved on the historical data are also visible in the box "KPI Sectors, Crisis Code e LOM" present on the Home page.

For Premium users, the indicators LOM are visible in AREA CONFIDENTIAL; the number of indicators reached is visible in Home also in AREA PUBLISH.


It is now available on REPORT AUTOMATIC LEANUS

For any company (both in the Public Area and in the Reserved Area) it is possible to process an automatic report dynamic which includes the following sections

  • Periods processed
  • Economic, Patrimonial and Financial Profile
  • Code of the Crisis, Band MCC, KPI and Score
  • Debt and Credit Capacity
  • Strengths
  • Points of Attention
  • Points of weakness
  • Recommended insights
  • Main Accounting Data (referring to the last 3 financial years if available)
  • Company tab
  • Negative Events
  • So
  • Wedding invitations
  • Beneficial owners
  • Local units
  • Reclassification Model
  • Civilistic Scheme

Leanus Automatic Report – here's how it works

Download an example of Automatic Report


The Enterprise Research and Analysis Processing menu has been enhanced

In the Home menu it is now possible to load any balance sheet or accounting situation regardless of data format or structure

Leanus functionality – LOAD BALANCE SHEETS

The "check reclassification outcome" box is now available on Home

View any anomalies relating to all the different reclassification schemes (management, statutory, AQR extension 1, abbreviated, Aqr, etc)

Now you can open / close all adjustment columns even with a single click

In all tables, you can now open / close adjustment columns with a single click.

In the analysis update phase, display of accounting periods already processed

During the analysis update phase, it is now possible * to view the annuities already present on Leanus; * in this way the user can easily identify and download any financial statements present in the official registers and not yet processed on Leanus.

Management of adjustments to the items of Other Receivables and Other Payables of the Business Plan

As is the case with Financial Charges and Personnel Costs, it is now possible to manage the adjustments of the items of Other Receivables and Other Payables present in the Balance Sheet of the Business Plan.

Net Tax Position and Tax Cash Flow

At the bottom of the Balance Sheet tables it is now possible view the calculation of the Net Tax Position and the balances of the source that determine its value. The "Asterisked items" to intercept the values ​​present in the source if they are not automatically identified.

The cash flow statement is now displayed Change in the Net Tax Position and Tax Cash Flow. The value of the net tax position influences the calculation of the DCRS net of Fiscal Cash Flow.

Monthly Business Plan

Clicking on "Pass Monthly BP" it is possible to process the Business Plan on a monthly basis. The duration of each period is one month. The operating logics are identical to those envisaged for the annual BP.

Financial statement OIC

Now it is possible:

  • View the RF OIC if deposited by the company
  • Automatically process the RF OIC on Historical data
  • Automatically process the Comparison (Benchmark) of the RF OIC between two or more companies
  • Automatically process the RF OIC on the Business Plan data.

To learn more click here

Elaborates Central Risk Analysis and compilation of the performance form

"The service that allows you to:
- get one in-depth analysis of the Central Credit Register ;
- automatically load the data needed to calculate the behavioral module of the CR and therefore to be able to integrate the information for the calculation of the Band MCC.

The service, which has a cost in credits, allows you to obtain:

  • Report for the organized reading of the data contained in the search
  • Reorganization of info from survey for uploading to the platform

It is necessary to send the Bank of Italy visa for 36 months through the Menu: Last Period Evaluation / Process CR after selecting the company.

Download sample reports On the penultimate page of the document you will find the data for completing the performance form.

Scheme Reclassification Optimization AQR extension 1

Now it is schedule AQR extension 1 is available for all analyzes in the DB. The scheme is obtained using the standardized statutory scheme as a data source which, unless there are errors in the source, it contains all the information necessary to obtain the squaring of the model AQR extension 1. It remains the possibility to customize the reclassification using the appropriate menu.

Learn more here

Competitors / Counterparties Identification

On the home page the Counterparty / Relations selector which makes it possible to associate the respective competitors, shareholders, shareholdings, customers, suppliers and more with the company being analyzed. The function is particularly useful in the case of using Leanus with a large number of simultaneous users or for the analysis of complex corporate structures.

Learn more here

Google Search Enhancement

The search string has been enhanced which allows you to quickly access information on the network and on company news. An enhancement activity is underway which will make it possible to profile the information on the Web by Research Areas (Investigations, relations with crime, criminal events, organizational problems, etc). We will take care to keep you updated.

Learn more here


Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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