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Is this your first time logging into Leanus?

If it's there first time that you access the Leanus platform follow these Quick Tips!

The first line of the Menu (Purchase Documents / Process Analysis) allows you to carry out all the operations that I assume before searching for a business or a group of companies and subsequently the development of an analysis.
Line 2 of the Menu allows you to do it any operation relating to the company already identified.

Watch this short video and find out more!

With Leanus you can create business groups and evaluate their economic, asset and financial profile

With Leanus you can create Business Groups and evaluate the economic, equity and financial profile.
The functionality is particularly useful to all those who need to analyze portfolios of customers, suppliers, competitors or market segments, to carry out activities monitoring or to analyze portfolios for the purposes of the sale or purchase of impaired loans, securitisations, etc.

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Compare your company with competitors

Leanus allows you to compare a company with those of the competition (benchmark) or to make a comparison between a company and a reference . The procedure is very simple and in very few moments it is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Company and discover opportunities for improvement.

Find out more in this short video!

Research, analyze and monitor businesses with Leanus

Find out how in this short video!

Leanus processes in real time – and without user intervention – any accounting situation, even in PDF!

With Leanus you upload your accounting situation with just one click. For example you can upload:

  • accounting situations in PDF (Zucchetti, Teamsystem, Business Information Suppliers, various other formats);
  • accounting situations in format XBR extension, XML, CSV ;
  • accounting situations in other formats ;
  • accounting situations not processed automatically.

Find out how in this short video!

With Leanus you can develop your Business Plan in just 5 minutes and without opening Excel, but you will also have many other advantages!

The Leanus Business Plan offers a flexible structure that allows for effective management of internal controls, ensuring greater compliance with the requirements of the Crisis Code.

Il Leanus Business Plan facilitates the integration of financial data and key indicators, simplifying the preparation of documents compliant with regulations EBA.

Il Leanus Business Plan stands out for its ability to generate detailed and customizable reports, offering a clear and complete view of key business metrics.

Il Leanus Business Plan offers valuable support through its financial planning and scenario analysis functionality, facilitating the assessment of the sustainability of the company, its projects and its debt in various scenarios.

Il software for the Leanus Business Plan it is the only one certified in Italy! Certification by a STRAINS (Bureau Veritas Italia Group) ensures that the features of the Leanus Business Plan are compliant with a specification that provides stringent and sophisticated technical requirements. In this way the Professional and the Company will be able to have an additional argument to support the validity of the structures adopted as well as have a qualitatively advanced tool. The Training Certification guarantees that users who use the software have a high and demonstrable technical-financial knowledge of business planning processes, through the certificates issued by Leanus.

Find out more in this video!

The logic, controls and customization of the MODEL di ANALYSIS by Leanus

The Leanus analysis model is dynamic and customizable and allows you to integrate information Additional (e.g. Risk Centre) and get one personalized reporting complete with comments and points of attention.

The Leanus analysis model includes: the Income statement, lo Balance Sheet, il Financial statement, The Budget indices, The Sectoral Indices, theEquity Value, il Calculation DSCR extension, il Crisis Code,Central Risk Analysis, la Central Credit Middle Band , il Recommended credit, il Corporate Value, as well as the main analysis schemes adopted by banks, businesses and professionals.

Find out in this short video!

Le SMEs that grow

The increase in business volume is an important result for a company, as it allows it to consolidate its position on the market and invest in new growth projects.

But what does it mean for a company that is growing and what is the parameter of good growth? Leanus has identified companies that in the 2022 have increased tenfold their business value. What features do they have?

Find out in this short video!

Old and resistant – The age of the Italian entrepreneurial system

70% of revenues of the Italian business system it is produced by companies born between 1861 and 2000. The secret of their longevity? THE traditional markets (and stable) in which they operate. Discover the Leanus research in this video.

Search List of Tax Codes via Excel

The menu + Search Tax Codes present in the Leanus platform, allows you to search for companies in the Database through a significant list of tax codes. If you are looking for a small number of tax codes, you can use the filter "Search by tax code" and enter them manually.

When is it useful? Some examples:

  • to verify the correctness of personal data a list of counterparties;
  • to verify the presence of negative events paid by Customers and Suppliers;
  • for analyze an industry;
  • for analyze your portfolio ;
  • to verify the availability of the latest budget available.

Now with Leanus it is also possible to process financial statements in XLS/PDF of the ModBilJ application of ICCREAT.

In the sign of maximum interoperability, after the main banking formats and after the balance sheets exported by the main accounting solutions, Leanus is now able to process the file as well XLS/PDF exportable from ModBilJ module by ICCREAT.

Company, Professional, Bank: Leanus allows you to process the accounting data extracted from the respective management systems, eliminating double imputations, errors and allowing you to apply to the data contained therein, all Leanus analysis features: LOM, Business Plan, Benchmark, Sas Analysis, Snc, SpA, Srl, real time comparisons, portfolio analysis, monitoring, range MCC and much more.

From PDF from an accounting situation to a complete analysis in one click!

Drag your file with accounting data in the appropriate box and Leanus will take care of the rest! Your data will be digitised, reclassified and verified in less than 10 seconds.

The variability of Pfn and its dependence on the reclassification used

Tax debts must be considered in the calculation of the Net Financial Position? And those towards members? And those to other lenders?

It is now known as the Pfn, compared to EBITDA, has become a key element of assessment by the Banks, however, the calculation approach used is often mechanistic and superficial. The classification of a budget item as “financial debt” it should instead be the daughter of a broader reasoning that favors substance over form. Only in this way can the analysis be defined as realistic and will be useful for the purposes of a correct financial evaluation of the company.

In the video we address the topic with the help of real cases of calculation of Pfn from the statutory budget.

THEEBITDA Margin and the meaning of the relationship Pfn

How to calculate and interpret the ratio Pfn/ EBITDA
How to disentangle the various possible combinations between two central quantities in financial analysis and in bank valuation, without however being misled by the data and their reading.

The definition and calculation ofEBITDA

THEEBITDA it is a quantity that does not appear in the Income Statement in statutory format. To determine its value it is necessary to reclassify this balance sheet format and calculate the difference between Revenues and Operating Costs. But what are these values? The civil law item A5 must be calculated in the calculation of theEBITDA? Is there a single rule applicable to the financial statements of any company or should different criteria be adopted from time to time?

The question is not trivial given that theEBITDA, as well as being a parameter widely used by analysts, it is also an essential component of some indicators used by Banks to assess the creditworthiness of companies.

In the video a real case of how theEBITDA, and therefore the company valuation, depending on the calculation methodology applied.

La Pfn within Leanus schemes

What types of debts must be included in the calculation of the Net Financial Position (Pfn) of a company? Shareholder loans are they always counted? And i overdue tax debts?

The video indicates the items included in the Pfn in the format reclassified under Sources and Uses of liabilities in the financial statements. It is also shown how to modify the reclassification logics and how this impacts on the calculation of the Pfn.

Automatic or inertial Business Plan

The automatic or inertial business plan developed by Leanus allows you to evaluate with a simple click if a company is able to repay the residual financial debt through the generation of operating cash. Includes income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, balance sheet ratios and prospective score trend for the next 4 years.
A valid tool for those who need to optimize times!

The automatic business plan then allows the expert user to enter specific hypotheses that characterize the individual case and* develop different scenarios closely related to the actual company strategy.*

How to read the main financial indicators

This short video shows the analysis of a real case.

The reading and the importance of the indicators of the working capital

In this short video the analysis of a real case that explains how to interpret them to anticipate the possible default.

Budget ratios: The calculation of ROI

Some thoughts on calculation of the main indicators that relate the economic and asset profile.
Find out more in this short video!

The limit of the calculation of financial charges from the balance sheet data alone

The calculation of the cost of money it may not be determined with the balance sheet values ​​alone. If the monthly average values ​​of the debt exposure undergo significant changes during the year, the values ​​of the percentage financial charges may not reflect the actual cost of money.

Find out more in this short video!

Balance Sheet Analysis by Indices

The main financial indicators, their interpretation and the errors to be avoided. Focus on Revenue change, ROS, EBITDA, ROI, turnover, ROE, GG Credits, GG Debts, GG Inventories.

The operational approach for drafting the Business Plan

The realization of a Business Plan is a process of fundamental importance for every request for a loan and for banking assessment and monitoring procedures. Making a good Business Plan involves planning of revenues, costs, assets, liabilities and cash and the analyst's evaluation of the many possible scenarios that derive from it.

What is the heart of the Business Plan? Let's find out together in this short video.

The impact of energy costs on corporate balance sheets

For energy-intensive companies, but not only, the increase in energy costs can determine one unsustainable contraction of liquidity or even the elimination of capital resources. Find out in this short video how to simulate the impact.

Now with Leanus it is possible to filter companies by any item of the statutory scheme.

From today with Leanus you can search businesses for any item of the statutory financial statements such as Passive derivatives, Tax credit, Patents, Tax or social security debts over 24 months. The procedure is very simple, find out in this short video.

Now with Leanus it is also possible to process financial statements in CSV of the Galileo application.

In the sign of maximum interoperability, after the main banking formats and after the balance sheets exported by the main accounting solutions, Leanus is now able to process the file as well CSV exportable from the Galileo application.

Company, Professional, Bank: Leanus allows you to process the accounting data extracted from the respective management systems, eliminating double imputations, errors and allowing you to apply to the data contained therein, all Leanus analysis features: LOM, Business Plan, Benchmark, Sas Analysis, Snc, SpA, Srl, real time comparisons, portfolio analysis, monitoring, range MCC and much more.

Budget Analysis - Don't Want to Ditch Your Excel Template?

Leanus also in this case can help you save time! The video shows how to digitize in moments a budget in PDF and get the Excel file to use to power your model.

Responsibilities for Directors deriving from the new Crisis Code

The Directors are required to equip themselves with a analysis and control system able to prevent the state of crisis. Cash flow monitoring, forecasting, analysis these are some of the tools that have become essential in order to limit the effects of a possible default.

The European Commission guidelines EBA. Here's what the banks have to look at

The European Commission guidelines EBA impose a change of approach to both businesses and banks which must be based on dialogue, collaboration and information sharing.
In 9 minutes Michele Moglia clarifies the new impacts of the European directives.

Economic, patrimonial and financial balance

It is possible to understand in a few moments if a company is in good economic, equity and financial balance? This 5 minute video shows a possible path of analysis.

Bank monitoring - business risks

Custody application rejected - a real case

Credit investigation: organizational information

The investigation carried out by the Bank, to respond to corporate financing requests, it also concerns organizational and qualitative aspects. In the real example shown in the video, let's see what they are and why they are so important.

Credit investigation: the documents to be attached

The documents to be attached to the loan application, not form but substance!

Credit investigation: errors to avoid

Which ones are they the most frequent mistakes committed by the Bank, the Entrepreneur and the Professional in the credit investigation phase? Let's get to know them, let's avoid them!

How to transfer a Team System accounting situation to the Leanus platform in just a few clicks

The procedure for transferring a accounting situation in pdf generated by Team System within the platform Leanus it is very simple. Watch this short video and find out how!

What does it take to understand businesses?

Alessandro Fischetti explains it well at the event The Business System of the Province of Bergamo organized by Leanus in collaboration with Soluzioni Bancarie srl, BCC Brescia and LIA - Free Associated Entrepreneurs, during which it was given voice to entrepreneurs to understand theirs concrete needs and the relative ways in which the system can support them in the path of consolidation and growth.

A simple method to analyze the profitability of a Business Unit or a Profit Center

The aggregate accounting data they do not make it possible to recognize the contribution to the profitability of the individual Business Units. To do this you need to use detailed accounting data from which to recognize costs and revenues directly attributable to each Business Unit. Here's how to make it analysis by Profit Center means Leanus, with just a few clicks.

The indicators LOM and related thresholds

THEEBA provided indications for determining the indicators LOM (Loan Origination and Monitoring) but not the thresholds! Is the banking system ready?

Ivan Fogliata in less than 15 minutes describes how, with Leanus, it is possible to keep the indicators under control not only related to historical data, but especially on perspective elaborations, the Business Plan.

Effectiveness for efficiency

Effectiveness for efficiency in relation to company evaluation what does it mean? Find out in 4 minutes by listening to Ivan Fogliata.

The intersection of the 4 dimensions of the budget

In 4 minutes Ivan Fogliata clarifies the importance of the time variable in the evaluation process of the Economic, Asset and Financial Profile of a company. Focus on payment times to suppliers.

The tripping of inflation

LIFO, FIFO and inflation - the impact on company valuation explained in less than three minutes.

The cash flow management areas

Cash Flow from Operations, Cash Flow from Investments, Cash Flow from Loans explained in 20 minutes!

The composition of the company sources

Reading the reclassified balance sheet according to the Sources and Employment scheme allows you to understand the composition of the Resources (Heritage and Pfn) and their use .

In less than 4 minutes Michele moglia shows in detail the composition of the Sources and how to obtain the reclassification starting from a statutory financial statements.

The composition of the net invested capital

A few minutes to fully understand the logic underlying the determination of the Net Invested Capital, the denominator of ROI.

Business analysis for management areas

Current Management, Investment Management, Financial and Tax Management unfold in less than 4 minutes.

The explanations of the Cash Flow mechanism

"CASH IS KING" - The famous statement recalls the importance of the analysis of the cash flow statement in the evaluation processes of companies together with the economic and equity profile. The difficulty of elaborating the Cash-Flow of a company not obliged to deposit often pushes analysts and professionals to neglect financial dynamics with the risk of making significant errors of interpretation. Here because.

The trap of the circulating market

Here is explained in a few minutes what cash flows depend on.

Uncover and manage "Cash Pooling" cases with Leanus

Groups of companies often manage the treasury in a unified manner, draining liquidity from the accounts of the subsidiaries to centralize it on those of the parent company. A company subject to this dynamic could present a budget with limited financial resources, at least in appearance.

Let's see how, in such cases, Leanus allows you to:

  1. identify the companies that transfer liquidity by virtue of Cash Pooling contracts;
  2. far emerge the liquidity transferred (financial credit) and compute it for the purpose of calculating the main bankability indicators such as: Pfn/ EBITDA.

In this short video it is presented a real case with indications on how to use the Leanus menus for these purposes.

From the Financial Statements in PDF to the analysis in a CLICK

Leanus not only you allows you to search for any company in your Financial Statements DB and to verify the availability of additional official financial statements present in the Chamber of Commerce but it also allows you to upload financial statements in PDF even before these are available at the Official Register of Companies.

This means that the professional is no longer forced to:

  1. copy the balance sheet data on an excel or on your own system;
  2. carry out the reclassification;
  3. check the correctness of the elaborations.

With Leanus upload the PDF directly in the system ed perform the analysis in less than 10 seconds!

Watch this short video to see how!

The definition of SMEs according to the European Commission

9 out of 10 companies are SMEs. But what is the definition of SMEs according to the European Commission? How are the "True" SMEs?

The definition of SMEs, made necessary for the Community assistance measures can be addressed to subjects with real rights, it is far from easy to understand. In fact, the dimensional parameters alone are not sufficient (Employees, Revenues, Total Assets) but they are also needed complex calculations aimed at identifying relationships with other companies (parent companies or investee companies) such as to make it lose the characteristics of SMEs, i.e. an autonomous and independent small and medium-sized enterprise and therefore more deserving of obtaining support.

In this short video there are some examples of how to distinguish in a few moments the real ones SMEs.


With the company REPORT AUTOMATIC of Leanus you can understand the health status of any company with a single click. The Automatic Leanus Report is:

  • DYNAMIC - takes into account the choices made by the user and the characteristics of the company being analyzed;
  • TRANSPARENT - shows not only the analyzes but also the data that determined the result;
  • CHEAP - it is available, at no additional cost, for all companies present in its archive;
  • INTELLIGENT - highlights points of attention and weaknesses that could otherwise be overlooked.


If we combine the over 200 filters that Leanus makes available to search for Italian companies, we are able to profile the companies of our country in a very sophisticated way.

Which ones grow and need long-term finance? Which would benefit lines on working capital? Who has the best market performance? Which companies to use like benchmarks? Which are the best target? In which is it worth investing?

These are just some examples of applications of a new technology which, unlike traditional databases, allows you to perform within the platform not only the search and extraction of names but also that of processing and analysis which is normally done in Excel, generating average savings of 60-70% on "number crunching" activities and presentation of the results.

This Leanus feature is very useful to everyone who deals with private equity, M&A, subsidized finance, corporate commercial development, business consulting, investment and financial analysis.

Leanus for the FINANCE EASY

After the pandemic, the opportunities for subsidized finance multiply. Each call it requires different balance sheet and capital requirements in the hands of companies. We see how Leanus speeds up and makes company profiling effective, ensuring the best matching between companies and subsidized finance.


A new Leanus feature indicates you if a company has carried out capital increases in the months following the closing of the financial statements. So it will be easier to assess the 2020 budgets which, as we know, are drugged by numerous accounting facilities and therefore they require an even more extensive and sophisticated analysis to understand their real dynamics.

Watch this video and find out more!

How do you calculate the selling price of a small business?

Many of you will be familiar with different evaluation methods: Income methods such as, for example, the Ebitda multiples method, the DCF; Capital Methods; Mixed Methods. But how to understand if actually the result of the evaluation is it consistent with the goals of the entrepreneur and the buyer?

In this video it is shown a practical example of using the Ebitda multiples method.

How do you upload a more recent balance sheet?

To upload a more recent balance sheet to the Leanus platform, simply click on the Menu + Upload Financial Statements and follow one of the procedures indicated. Follow the instructions in the video.

When one arrives CRISIS COMPANY?

The company financial statements speak for themselves and the technologies allow banks, analysts and suppliers to understand better and better if a company is healthy or in difficulty. The advice is to anticipate them and do not put your head in the sand, facing the situation head on if your budget gives warning signs.

Tips and answers in this video interview by Jimmy Clarini of Entriage with Alessandro Fischetti, Leanus Administrator.

How to correctly interpret I NUMBERS

The press and publications often carry data whose goal it is to describe the trend of a sector, of a geographic area or business system. "The sector grew by 15%" - "The average EBITDA is 7%" are just some of the common claims. What a meaning do they have these numbers? How should they be interpreted?

This video explains, even to non-professionals, why these numbers should be taken with pliers.

Covid effect on 2020 budgets: BETTER TIME PLANNED?

The analysis of a sample of SMEs Italian companies that closed their financial statements in August 2020 reveals numbers of an unexpected reality. Many companies, even in the presence of decreases in turnover, seem to withstand the impact of the Covid. Some have even grown up. The riskiness of the sample is absolutely good.

La POSITION TAXATION NET and its importance in the CASH FLOW

Analysis of the Net Tax Position lets you determine the contribution of the tax management of a company in the Cash Flow Statement and it is very important in the calculation of DSCR extension required by the Early Warning procedures. With Leanus it is possible carry it out automatically, in this short video we explain how.

EDUCATION di SECTOR e ANALYSIS of the WALLETS: handle with great care!

How's a sector, or rather, one production chain? It is possible to make one simulation to understand what it is the performance of a portfolio? Simulate the financial needs? This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

The question implies a daily need; that of power process data relating to companies in an aggregate manner. The need may concern the analysis of a market sector, lo SREP (i.e. the assessment that banks are required to carry out to assess the risk of their portfolios), the estimate of incremental credit requirement and much more.

The answer is yes" but unfortunately it is not so easy to get it with a single click; to answer it requires the intervention of an expert. These are the main causes:

  • The atech may not reflect the actual business activity.
  • With the same Ateco or other sectorial code, the companies they can be very different by size, model and plurality of business, margins, risk profile, etc.
  • Some businesses may close the business in different times of the year.
  • Some businesses feature a complete balance sheet (details of debts and credits).
  • Some businesses exhibit both the ordinary and consolidated financial statements.
  • Some businesses they do not present the financial statements for an exercise.
  • ....

Furthermore, even after eliminating all possible anomalies, before proceeding with the simulations it is necessary to ensure that the companies in the perimeter are effectively represented by the sample. Only then is it possible
proceed with the simulations.

In this short video Alessandro Fischetti, Leanus Administrator, shows an example related to the analysis of a code ATECO "good": 47992 - Retail trade carried out by means of automatic vending machines.

Il BUSINESS PLAN for the STARTUP. How to elaborate it starting from the costs

The module Leanus Business Plan allows you to create, in a few moments, a Business Plan (annual or monthly) by entering the underlying assumptions. For each hypothesis or simulation, the entire analysis model, complete with Cash Flow Statement, Crisis Indicators, DSCR extension, Scores, KPI, Civil Scheme e AQR extension 1 is updated in real time.

The Leanus module is extremely powerful and usable not only for projections related to individual businesses but also for the evaluations of groups or clusters of companies for the purposes, for example, of the Banking Self Assessment (SREP), understanding of sectoral dynamics and much more.

But how do you go about developing a business plan startup that has no historical accounting data? Watch this video to find out how to carry out your simulations in a few moments, starting from the costs.

Ebitda NOT is a cash flow proxy

One of the most common mistakes in business valuation is the use of the Ebitda as if it were a financial quantity. This is a risky practice that can lead to take real "blunders"! Let's see how to avoid them with Leanus.

How to find a business in DATE BASE LEANUS

Il Leanus database contains hundreds of thousands of Italian companies, this short video shows you how to look for them.

How to do the BUSINESS PLAN of a START UP in 5 MINUTES

Let's see how to create a Complete Business Plan for a company that still NOT EXISTS in a few minutes. Leanus transforms working hypotheses into projections of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow immediately creating the professional documentation necessary to validate an entrepreneurial project and dialogue with investors and banks.

Watch this SHORT videos!

LEANUS - That's why you save time

The business professional faces the need to answer complex questions on a daily basis.

• The firm is reliable?
• What is the creditworthiness?
• Is able to sustain a investment?
• Will have enough cash to pay engagements?
• What is the value?
• Is better or worse than the competitors?
• What is the reference market?
• Which opportunity it is possible to grasp on market?

To answer these questions knowing how to elaborate numbers is not enough, above all we need to know how to interpret them. Processing the numbers takes time. We need to access the data, re-elaborate them, interpret them, present them. The error is always ready to hide behind an Excel cell, risking to affect working hours. Leanus eliminates this risk. It eliminates the time needed to access updated information and to process any type of analysis, even the most complex.
Using Leanus means free up time that the practitioner can devote to interpretation. Just view the Leanus login page "HOME" to realize it, even with the profile Leanus FREE!

Watch this video!

How to elaborate a BUSINESS PLAN

The business plan can be drawn up in a few moments, but you need to know the assumptions!

To draw up a business plan is necessary know the assumptions on which the projections are based. The Leanus software will take care of the rest, capable of processing the Economic, Patrimonial and Financial Profile, the DSCR extension, the indicators of the Crisis, the financial statement OIC and much more with just one click. An example: In 2020 the company will reduce revenues by 20%, then it will recover 10% in the following years. It will reduce the cost of personnel by 10% in the first year, will make a new investment of 1000.000 euros with a new loan of the same amount.

What will be the economic, equity and financial profile corresponding to the hypotheses entered? It will be in line with the crisis code? What will be the DSCR extension? What will be the rating and how does it vary as the hypotheses vary?
The answers are all in the Leanus Business Plan module. But be careful! Even small changes in the assumptions can significantly change the simulation results. Therefore, the role of the professional returns to be central.

Look at this example!

New analysis menus of the GOVERNANCE

Watch this short video to find out the new features that have been added within Leanus!

Multiplier of COST FIXED and new "SIGNALS WEAK"

How much does a company have to grow to be able to sustain € 1.000 in Additional Costs? The answer to the question is provided by Fixed Cost Multiplier, or the ratio between 1 and the Contribution Margin.

Let's take an example.
The bank X Y Z review the disbursement of a loan which provides for additional financial charges of € 1.000.000 for 5 years. Assuming that the contribution margin of the company SPA (100.000.000 of Revenues) is equal to 5%, it follows that the Fixed cost multiplier is 20.

How much should a company grow, therefore, the company SPA to be able to cover 1.000.000 additional financial charges? The answer is provided by the new indicator: exactly 20.000.000 (+ 20% of Revenues). It is the analyst's job to assess whether the firm X Y Z will be able to increase Revenue by 20%.

The Fixed Cost Multiplier is now available, both for historical data and for the Business Plan, among the Leanus indices. It is also visible in the Home in the "Last Period Evaluation" Box. Always on Home, in the box Eco / Fin summary, are now highlighted anomalous contractions of Revenues, Liquidity and Net Equity and the increase of Financial Debts.

Watch this video and find out more!

How to reclassify a PIANO of the ACCOUNTS

At best, the financial statements available on the system relate to the financial year closed 5/6 months earlier. Often the latest available budget is even 20 months earlier. Here then is that it becomes necessary to integrate public information with trial balances received directly from the Customer.

This video shows operationally how to upload data (without typing them manually), reclassify them and obtain a complete analysis model for the assessment of the creditworthiness and the economic, patrimonial and financial profile of the company.

Il MARGIN di CONTRIBUTION - what it is and how to use it

The Contribution Margin is the difference between revenues and directly related costs; to obtain the contribution margin is sufficient subtract from Revenues the value of Consumption (Purchases + Change in Inventories) and Variable Costs. If, for example, the Revenues are equal to 1000 and the Contribution Margin is equal to 4%, it means that for every euro of revenues 960 € will be used to cover costs directly related to sales. 40 €, or the Contribution Margin, can instead be used to cover Fixed Costs, Depreciation, Ancillary Management, Financial Management and Taxes. All other conditions being equal, the percentage contribution margin remains unchanged as the revenues change. In our example, if revenues double, the percentage contribution margin remains equal to 4%; the Contribution Margin in absolute value will therefore be equal to € 80.

The Contribution Margin (which depends on the correct reclassification of fixed and variable costs) it is an extremely important measure in the credit assessment processes. The Break-Even value, Operating Leverage and many other measures. It can be used, for example, to understand whether or not a company will be able to maintain its economic equilibrium following a financing operation. In our example, in the case of a loan that provides for annual financial charges of 10, it is necessary to assume that the company must increase its revenues by 25%; In fact, € 250 of additional revenues generate an incremental Contribution Margin to be used to cover financial charges exactly equal to 10.

Watch this short video and find out more!

How to find new customers in B2B

Leanus allows you to identify and profile new customers in B2B in a few clicks. Watch this short video.


LA RESEARCH of the TARGET - the Ateco can lead into error

The analysis of target companies and benchmarks it is even more complex than analyzing a single firm. Filters based on Nace or on some indices (Pfn/ EBITDA, Ebitda% or others) often they return only the illusion to have identified the companies suitable for their objectives. With Leanus it is possible to make benchmark analysis in 4 different ways, each consistent with the analyst's knowledge of the sector, his expertise and the time available to obtain the output. Watch this short video and find out how!
Access the Leanus Handbook here

ANALYSIS di BALANCE 2.0 - Leanus eliminates processing times

Financial statements analysis is a complex activity that goes through most of the processes that affect the relationships between the Bank, the Company and the Professionals. Leanus eliminates processing times which generally require long hours of work on excel, leaving the Professional the possibility to modify and integrate the analysis model, customize the reclassification criteria, perform endless simulations.

Leanus carries out all processing without errors freeing up the time of the Professional to devote to activities with greater added value and to the interpretation of numbers. The Leanus analysis model provides that each index or processing is available in real time both on historical data and for the Benchmark, the Business Plan and the Business Aggregates.

Crisis Indicators, Cash Flow Statement (OIC), Band MCC, DSCR extension, Debt capacity, KPI, CR Management, Enterprise Value, Targeting these are just some of the possible elaborations with Leanus.


Analysts use on average 10% of the Business Information they buy. Personal information, negative events, shareholders and so on are of little use if not used in a context of financial analysis that knows how to exploit them. Few but useful! In this short video we see how this happens inside Leanus thanks to new drop-down menus on the Home page.

This video is for educational purposes only and does not intend in any way to express judgments or evaluations on the companies that may be mentioned.

ANALYSIS di BALANCE - Some useful tips

The analysis of a company of any size is a complex business that it requires the ability to analyze and interpret. A company's risk profile or value cannot be summarized by just a few indicators or an algorithm. To evaluate a firm it is first necessary to evaluate the completeness and the correctness of the data used for the analysis (Source), reorganize them in order to best represent the company , analyze its history (trend analysis), place it inside your own competitive environment (Benchmark), evaluate the possible trend and the effects of strategies and market conditions (Business Plan), analyze the corporate structure, shareholdings, the presence of negative events or press news.

Leanus allows you to do all this in a few moments, starting from the sole search of the company by name or VAT number. The “Home” Menu is the Control Tower from which the analyst can monitor all movements and choose which aspects to investigate.

Try the new Leanus profile FREE

The new profile Leanus FREE now lets you get the Income statement and balance sheet reclassified of all Italian companies and to display a professional presentation. It's enough register for free and after logging in, search for the company by name or VAT number. Furthermore, for two businesses of your choice, during the test you will be able to view all Leanus functions (including the Headband MCC, indicators of the Crisis, i KPI, etc) or process the Benchmark and the Business Plan. To do this, simply select a company and transfer it to the Reserved Area as shown in the video.

With the same profile you can also recharge from 20 CR to be used to purchase chamber information or to process financial statements not yet present on Leanus in real time or being updated which you need urgently.

Finally, at any time it will be possible to activate online upgrade to the Leanus profile PREMIUM, at a cost of € 480 + VAT you can freely browse the entire database and analyze in depth up to 20 companies in the Reserved Area.

The law requires the filing of a copy of the valid identity document. Remember to send it during registration so that you can use your account right away.

How to analyze a BALANCE in PDF without typing any number

Often the financial statements are provided by the Client before they are available at the Register of Companies. Here then is that before being able to analyze it it is necessary copy it, reclassify it, activities that take time and add no value to analytics. Leanus allows you to achieve the same result (and so on) without any effort. At the moment the processing request is managed by the Service Center, but soon there will be news that will allow you to reset the loading and processing times. Watch this short video in which we show a real example relating to a 2019 budget.

How to analyze a SEGMENT di MARKET with Leanus

Let's test with a real case - the Italian Analysis Centers - the Leanus functionalities that allow find, profile and compare companies operating in a certain sector and that meet our selection parameters such as: ATECO, Growth, Risk, Marginality, Personal and so on.

How to customize the PRESENTATIONS made with Leanus

Leanus allows you to create in just a few clicks personalized presentations and professional documents for use with banks, in meetings and on many other occasions. The slides include numerical and graphical analyzes and even your comments and all presentations can be archived. Watch this short video to find out how!

Interview with the General Manager of PRIVATE CRS

What can be done with the Leanus platform? How Leanus can support the Banks in the analysis and evaluation processes that concern Italian and foreign companies? Listen to the interview with the General Manager of the Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano Spa bank, Emmanuel Regis.

The new Leanus service: PROCESSING of CENTRAL RISKS

Leanus has introduced a new service: the elaboration of the Central Credit Register. This service allows you to transform the document provided by the Central Credit Register, tabular and often very voluminous, in a lean document that highlights the information you need. How? We aggregate the meaningful data, we make it easier to read and above all we provide a summary vision to quickly and clearly understand the position of your company with respect to the Central Credit Register. Watch this short video to find out how!

The weight of the "ALTRI REVENUES", Or when item A5 is to be considered operational

To reclassify a balance sheet means to restore the original accounting structure to a more functional scheme for the analysis we are developing. A frequent example is the placement of item A5 of the statutory income statement. This item refers to revenues and income other than operating income which therefore NOT should contribute to the formation of the operating margin (EBITDA ed EBIT). In some cases, however, such income may refer to assets "related" to those characteristic and "proportional" to them.

In the example we are dealing with one of these cases in which an Italian metallurgical company presents important values ​​of heading A5. These revenues refer to the sale of "metal shavings" which are "scraps" generated by the main processing. The hypothesis applied is that, being this item "Constant" and "proportional" to operating revenues (item A1) it is possible to change its location in the reclassified format used by the analyst, adding it to Revenues (A1). The impact can be substantial on: margins, scores, ratings and many other calculations ...


With Leanus it is possible automatically reclassify any accounting data (Italian or foreign financial statements, accounting situation, verification balance, chart of accounts valued, etc.) drawn up by any management system or even in Excel and change the preset reclassification template and then adapt it to the individual company. In addition Leanus also allows you to reclassify a proprietary data source and load it automatically and without typing within the platform. Watch this short video to find out how.

LEANUS - 2019 budget and prospects

On May 27 the Leanus Report 2019. In this short video there we show the results commented by the Directors with some previews on 2020.

How to evaluate the companies of the SECTOR FLORAL NURSERY

Agricultural societies, the SAS, CNS, and in general subjects who have partial accounting information make the creditworthiness assessment process even more complex. By interacting with the entrepreneur and knowing the dynamics of the sector well however, it is possible to carry out the appropriate assessments to reach appropriate credit decisions. The video shows a short interview carried out in Alessandro ARNOLDI, entrepreneur and expert agronomist in the horticultural sector.

Budget analysis starts with a good one RECLASSIFICATION

There are various reasons for reclassifying a balance sheet; the statutory scheme, for example, allows the company chart of accounts to be brought back to a standard scheme. If the goal of the reclassification is to one management evaluation of the company , the reclassification logic adopted assumes a critical role. The Ebitda, the score, the financial statement ratios just to give a few examples, are not present in the statutory financial statements and their value strongly depends on the reclassification choices that should be able to best represent, through the numbers, the actual business reality.
Most of the scores are based on the statutory or AQR extension 1 and are not affected by any adjustments made by the analyst. Leanus, on the other hand, updates the assessments, indices and scores in real time according to the reclassification model adopted. The short video shows an example based on real numbers.

How to create the BUSINESS PLAN of a START UP in 5 minutes

How much time do you have to devote to drafting the Business Plan? Unlikely, because the priorities of the new entrepreneur must be other: make presentations to future clients, meet lenders, build the new website and work side by side with colleagues. In this short video we show how with Leanus 5 minutes are enough to draw up a Business Plan and to determine if and how the business idea will be successful in an increasingly complex and competitive market.

Le SMEs COMMERCIAL they need more financial support

A few days ago the final meeting of the Observatory on Supply Chain Finance of the Politecnico di Milano. The numerous participants were asked which question among the SMEs between 2 and 15 million in revenues will need more financial resources due to the Coronavirus Emergency "(divided between manufacturing companies, those that work for orders, commercial ones and service companies).
To answer this question, we analyzed the financial statements of the companies in question. For each category, a pessimistic scenario for 2020 and a recovery in 2021 was assumed and the impacts on the Economic, Patrimonial and Financial profile. The video shows a few minutes summary of the analysis conducted by Leanus for the Politecnico di Milano.

The impact of the Coronavirus on the SECTOR of the SELLING

It is difficult for non-experts to hypothesize what the amount of the "number of strokes" will be less than the companies of the Automatic Distribution they will register by effect of the emergency Covid. The machines located in hospitals and workplaces considered essential, probably if constantly recharged, could work at full capacity. The others could remain inactive throughout the emergency period. The video shows the simulation carried out on 30 companies, which in 2018 they generated overall revenues of € 1,5 billion (+ 10% compared to 2017) and a EBITDA average of 15%.

DECREE CARE ITALY: Performance analysis for the Guarantee Fund suspended

Article 49 of Legislative Decree 18 "TREATMENT ITALY”Suspends the use of Central Credit Register data for the calculation of the Band MCC membership and consequently to assess eligibility to the Guarantee Fund. For now, the assessment will have to be based on the Economic and Financial module only. How to do it, how to read it and what precautions to take before going to the Bank.

CORONAVIRUS: Milano Finanza article: Knots to roost in 2021

The peak of the financial needs of the Italian business system will not come soon, but when there will be a recovery. To be ready, extraordinary interventions are needed immediately to support supply chain leaders, reduce payment times to suppliers and allow SMEs to reset their assets. Help small operators and professionals right away.

CORONAVIRUS: the impact on the hotel sector

One of the sectors most affected by the Coronavirus emergency it's definitely the hotel industry (Nace 551). We tried to roughly simulate the impact of this emergency by analyzing the budgets of nearly 5.000 hotels and simulating a 20% and 40% loss for 2020. This 8 minute video is sobering, and once again confirms as much as the entrepreneurial system ITALIAN, as a whole, is solid and (apparently) able to face extraordinary crises, obviously without forgetting the many, many companies that, if not properly supported, will not be able to get out of them.

CORONAVIRUS: the impact on Airport Services Management Companies

Airport Services Management Companies, following the Coronavirus emergency they registered a reduction in passenger traffic of over 95%. We simulated the impact of the emergency on 19 companies in the sector which in 2018 they had generated about 3 billion euros in revenues with EBITDA aggregate of 38%. The simulation was carried out assuming a contraction for 2020 of 40% and 55% and should be considered as a simple "stress test" that we invite entrepreneurs to carry out on their companies, including other effects whose estimate can only depend on in-depth knowledge of their sector.



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