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The old indicators provided for by the crisis code

Il Net assets which must be Positive

il DSCR extension which is taken into consideration when the Net Equity is positive. The DSCR extension must be greater than 1 (the Cash Flow for the period must be greater than the financial commitments)

If the DSCR extension is not available 5 indices are considered to be assessed as a whole whose alert thresholds are differentiated by 10 sectors (see following image)

Financial charges / revenues
Net Equity / Total Payables
Short-term assets / Short-term liabilities
Cash Flow / Total Assets
Social Security and Tax Debt / Total Assets *

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The provision concerns all economic subjects (excluding large companies and the PA) who are called upon to equip themselves with suitable tools that guarantee continuous monitoring of the corporate health status monitored not only on final data but above all over the following six months and for the exercise in progress. The economic entity that does not deem the indicators proposed by the legislator suitable may, giving reasons for their choices, propose alternative evaluation methods.

What do you need to be able to monitor the company's health status?

Therefore, for monitoring the company's health status NOT you only need to be able to calculate the indices (as mentioned above on historical, current and prospective data), but to have a system capable of collecting final data (management control, ERP,) and to draw up a short-term (budget for at least six months) and medium-term (annual financial year) plan.
The plan must include not only the Economic forecast, but also the patrimonial situation and the financial statement.

The Leanus solution

Leanus is the only platform on the market that allows you to:

process historical data both on official data and on provisional data extracted from a management software or processed in excel;
modify the reclassification logic and simulate the impacts on the indicators and on the thresholds (benchmark) according to the different reclassification logics;
process the financial statement in real time;
compare the indicators with i KPI general and sectoral;
elaborate the indicators of the Crisis (at the moment the provisional indicators are available pending the communication of the Order) and verify their value according to different reclassification models;
calculate the value of custom indicators;
choose from a large library of alternative indicators;
calculate indicators, economic, equity and financial profile also on performance and prospective data;
simulate the value of the indicators for one or more subsequent financial years;
integrate any information from the treasury and central risks to be used to develop the prospective analysis model.

The Leanus module KPI Sectoral and dashboard warning systems

The Leanus module dedicated to alert systems includes (in addition to all Leanus functions):

a menu dedicated tofinal balance data analysis consisting of KPI sectoral and Crisis Indicators (the Dashboard AQR extension it is foreseen only for Corporate solutions);

the prospective data analysis menu (Business Plan) with indication of the number of KPI achieved for each accounting period;

the possibility of identify and customize the indicators dedicated to monitoring.

Description KPI Sectoral and Crisis Indicators

The dashboard will be updated shortly with the introduction of the new indicators.


Indicates the value of the indicator assumed by the company for that specific accounting period


Indicates the Minimum expected value for the KPI o Objective of the indicated sector


Indicates the Minimum expected value for the KPI o Objective of the indicated sector


- the difference between Analysis and Objective (A-B2) if the KPI it is reached for values ​​greater than the target;
- the difference between Objective and Analysis (B1-A) if the KPI is reached for values ​​lower than the target.

The indicators are customizable in AREA CONFIDENTIAL - Comparison with the objectives (KPI) and the crisis indicators are influenced by any customizations made to the reclassification model.

To view the Menu:

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