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The Leanus General Home Page is an access page to various system functions. In the public area, it is possible to use the search to search for businesses by name or tax code, access the search menu with filters and access the search menu for chamber of commerce services such as registrations and protests. In the reserved area, it is also possible to upload balance sheet files or accounting situations for processing with Leanus. The General Home Page is always accessible by clicking on the logo or on the "Home" symbol in the first line of the menu at the top left.

Practical Tips

Click on the link to consult the manual
Click on “Navigator Menu” at the top left to view the different options
Take a look at the "Purchase documents" and "Process Analysis" Menu. The menus are always visible in all areas of the software
Carry out at least one search using all the options available in the "What are you looking for?"

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What features can be activated from the first login page?

From the first page it is possible to activate all the functions. Before proceeding, answer this simple question:

Do you know the name or tax code of the company you want to analyse?

If the answer is YES, you can use the search function indicated by to search for the company
If the answer is NO, you can access the Filter Master Data Menu to search for the companies of your interest using filters

Did you search but did not find the company you were looking for?

If you have carried out your search correctly and have not found the company you are interested in, there may be various causes. Below are the main cases and the relative solutions

The enterprise is one SAS or CNS and is not obliged to deposit the balance sheet
In this case it is not possible to obtain the budgets from the public archives.
SOLUTION. If you can get the balance sheet or the accounting situation of the SAS/SNC carries out the loading through the procedures +Carica Balances

The enterprise is one SRL but the budget analysis cannot be found
If the company is one SRL / SPA may not have filed any financial statements (e.g. if newly incorporated) or may have filed a financial statement whose parameters are lower than those required by your work environment (e.g. revenues <500K, registered office, outside the region, etc.)

SOLUTION: + Upload Financial Statements from Companies Register or from Official Suppliers

If it is not possible to obtain an analysis of the financial statements using the procedures +Upload Financial Statements from Official Suppliers
1. Verify the existence of the entity through the Business Register (Purchase Menu / Chamber of Commerce Services)
2. If the subject is not registered, then review the search criteria used because they may be incorrect

In any case, if the subject is not present in the Company Register archive (Purchase Menu / Chamber of Commerce Services), then it will not be possible to find any public budget; to develop the analysis it will be necessary to obtain a financial statement or financial statement provided directly by the company.

- If the budget is public, it is possible to obtain it in real time from Leanus
- If the budget NOT is public, you can process it with Leanus regardless of format.

For the procedures for uploading accounting situations, refer to the Process Analysis menu and + Upload Balance Sheets

The General Home Page It is available both in AREA PUBLISH in that AREA CONFIDENTIAL. This page can always be reached by clicking on the logo at the top left or on the symbol Home always visible in the first line of the menu at the top left.

The search function "What are you looking for" it is available in all menus and not only on the Home Page. For example, if you are viewing the company's cash flow statement "ALFA SRL” and you want to view the Company's Cash Flow Statement “BETA SRL”, it will be enough to search BETA SRL using the search box at the top right

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual



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