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Leanus is linked directly to the Business Register. This means that the user can acquire Searches, protests, members, shareholdings, directors, procedures, deeds, supplementary notes and any other chamber of commerce document by collecting it in real time through Leanus. The documents downloaded in this way are therefore official and have legal value. There is no minimum consumption. To view the complete list of documents, consult the list

Below is a description of the main documents

The Chamber of Commerce registration

The chamber of commerce search is an information document containing all the details regarding the company registered in the Business Register. The legal and personal data aspects of the company, the name, the legal form, the registered office, the tax code, the type of activity carried out and other elements relating to the administrative bodies and corporate offices are reported in the survey.
The Chamber of Commerce search can be ordinary, when it reports current legal information, or historical, when it provides information on the past events of the company from its birth to today.


Ordinary search
It contains the personal, legal, economic and fiscal information of a company, contained in the Business Register. It contains the company data, including registration references, name, personal data, contacts, address of the headquarters, PEC, registered office, tax code / registration number IVA, legal form, date of incorporation, object and share capital, activity carried out, quality certificates, certificates, administrative, control and qualification positions, corporate bodies, owners and shareholders with relative quotas, registers, roles and licenses, secondary offices and local units .

Historical search
It summarizes all the data of the company since its inception. Therefore, compared to the ordinary search, the historical search adds the history of the changes that took place from the date of establishment to the moment in which the search was requested (and, in any case, based on what was deposited in the Chamber of Commerce): therefore, all the registrations and filings of deeds in the Business Register are reported, as well as the statistical reference values ​​relating to the number of employees who, since the first establishment of the company, have been hired as employees.

Company profile in English
It is the equivalent in English of the ordinary chamber of commerce registration, always drawn up in accordance with the law.


The Dossier

In addition to the information contained in the Ordinary Survey, the Dossier contains the information from the statute / social agreements in force, the list of files filed but not yet registered, the parent companies and the equity investments in other companies.
In detail, the File of a Capital Company and a Partnership contains the following information blocks:

Capital company

  • Statute information
  • Capital and financial instruments
  • Headquarters and local units
  • Dissolution, bankruptcy proceedings, cancellations
  • Directors
  • Holders of other offices or qualifications
  • Mayors, members, supervisors
  • Shareholders and holders of rights on quotas or shares
  • Investments in other companies (i.e. Partner card)
  • Parent companies / entities
  • Business transfers, mergers, divisions and takeovers
  • History of share transfers (only for srl)
  • Activities, registers and roles
  • Practices in the preliminary investigation


  • Information from social agreements, deposited company agreements
  • Asset information
  • Headquarters and local units
  • Dissolution, bankruptcy proceedings, cancellations
  • Members and holders of offices or qualifications
  • Investments in other companies (i.e. Member Card)
  • Controlling companies / entities (or Company registration subject to management and coordination by others)
  • Business transfers, mergers, divisions and takeovers
  • Activities, registers and roles
  • Practices in the preliminary investigation (i.e. Protocol or filing report)


Historical file

The historical file contains, in addition to all the information provided for the file, the history of changes and, in the case of srl, the history of the transfer of shares (where applicable).
In particular, the historical file of a capital company or a partnership is a complete documentation that contains the most important chamber information such as:

  • the historical search
  • the Social Agreements (for partnerships)
  • the Articles of Association (for joint stock companies)
  • the parent companies
  • equity investments in other companies
  • the Practices under investigation


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