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Management of Adequate Structures

The legislation on Adequate Organizational Structures, contained in the Crisis and Insolvency Code, obliges companies to carry out constant monitoring of the company's performance, with possible
liability for administrators and supervisory bodies, otherwise.

Businesses they must equip themselves with processes and tools that allow them to:

  • promptly detect signs of future crisis;
  • intervene quickly;
  • monitor continuity prospectively.

The crisis is defined as a state that makes insolvency probable; therefore, the assessment of the adequacy of future cash flows to support company debts becomes the heart of the monitoring activity required by the Adequate Assets. For this it is necessary to process company data that differ greatly in type, format and source and build periodic reporting that contains the results of the prospective debt sustainability assessment and other timely calculations. The reports built must therefore be shared, evaluated and archived to allow timely intervention if necessary.

The continuous updating and management of these activities constitutes the Adequati Assetti process which often presents a series of practical problems that we have to deal with, which make it less effective and efficient.

Leanus is capable of processing accounting data from any software system, and of quickly build complete sustainability scenarios and produce periodic reporting compliant with the Adequate Assets regulations.

In particular, with Leanus it is possible:

  • reclassify trial balances into management schemes complete with indicators, scores, ratings and evaluation of any economic, equity and financial imbalances, even in interannual periods;
  • develop the Company Risk Centre and integrate it into the periodic report;
  • integrate into data analysis treasury, sales budget, adjustment records and adjustments etc.;
  • create in just a few clicks, budget or business plan complete with income statement, balance sheet, prospective cash flow, DSCR extension and other sustainability indicators;
  • create, save and print periodic presentations to support the Adequati Assetti management process.

Download here the guide with the complete procedure for preparing the Adequate Assets Report with Leanus

Watch the recording of the three Mini Master sessions here ADEQUATE ASSETS


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