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Master in Operational Finance – 2023 Edition

What are the differences compared to previous editions of the Master Leanus?
The 2023 edition includes 10 sessions in which the following processes will be analyzed in detail:

  • The Credit Process - How to optimize the Bank-Business-Professional relationship
  • Credit monitoring
  • Portfolio analysis NPE. From receiving the "data tape" to evaluating recovery strategies

When does the 2023 Master start and how many sessions does it include?
The 2023 Master Edition start date is March 7 2023. Are provided 3 recap sessions the fundamentals of financial statement analysis, benchmarking and business planning e 10 sessions dedicated to the 3 main processes that characterize the credit life cycle. Download the complete program here

All sessions will be held on Tuesday from 14.15pm to 15.30pm.

To whom will the certificate be issued?
The certificate of Expert in Operational Finance will only be released to those who participate in the final assessment test and that they will answer correctly at least 70% some questions.
The certificate of participation will be issued upon request to those who have actively participated in at least 10 of the 13 sessions provided.

Are there interim and final evaluation sessions?
Yes, at the end of each analysis module of the main credit processes one is planned intermediate evaluation. Al first place in the evaluations will be assigned 1.000 CR Leanus (value €1.000)
After the last session, one will be performed final evaluation related to the topics of the entire program. To the first 3 classified of this evaluation will be assigned respectively (also in case of ex-equo) 3.000 CR Leanus – 2.000 CR Leanus – 1.000 CR Leanus

For more information, download the information sheet here

March – October 2023



Leanus training programs they set themselves the goal of raising the skills and knowledge of Professionals engaged daily in the management of professional relationships with companies using the analysis of financial statements and the information available on the system. The theoretical-practical approach, it allows you to experiment on real cases, even proposed by the participants themselves, the concepts learned during the various sessions.

Leanus programs (in Operational Finance) are defined on the basis of specific needs of the participants. It is expected self-assessment test initial and final.
The course of Training BASE aims to provide a series of knowledge and assessment tools that are quick and easy to use.

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Leanus in collaboration with inFinance presents a Training Program aimed at credit experts and all professional categories involved in the credit process.

Training goal:

  • Analyze all the phases of the credit process, from targeting to the first commercial contact, to the assessment of creditworthiness up to the monitoring and analysis of portfolios.
  • Contribute to professional growth of experts operating in the credit supply chain with a training program based on real cases.
  • Offer the opportunity for dialogue with professionals of equal experience.
  • Create a Community and facilitate discussion on issues that impact on one's work on a daily basis.
  • The program includes various insights relating to the problems of credit assessment and monitoring and to the impacts deriving from the directives EBA.


Master (10 sessions): CONSULTANCY ANY SMEs for Accountants

Leanus in collaboration with inFinance presents a Training Program aimed at commercial Doctors but also open to other professional categories.

Training goal:

  • Analyze all stages of the Client-Professional relationship.
  • Contribute to professional growth strengthening the ability to customer advice.
  • Offer the opportunity for dialogue with professionals of equal experience.
  • Create a Community and facilitate discussion on issues that impact on one's work on a daily basis.


Master in Credit Process Management and Master in Consulting at SMEs - TESTS FINAL

All the sessions of the Master in Management of the Credit Process and of the Master in Consulting concluded at SMEs. To obtain the certificate, all participants must take the relative final test.

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Download the Lavazza Spa Consolidated Financial Statements here


You want to know more about Leanus (Liin-us)

Leanus is one Financial Statements Database and an innovative platform for business analysis and evaluation. Leanus supports and optimizes the work processes of Corporate Banks and Business Professionals _ (Target search | Reliability assessment | Market analysis | Portfolio monitoring | Benchmark processing | Business Plan | Calculation DSCR extension | Crisis indicators and much more

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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