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Is it possible to receive telephone assistance?

Yup. Contact our Service Center ( or our toll-free number 800.864588 to request technical support.
For requests of elaboration, analysis, business plan, benchmark, reclassification of charts of accounts or other support interventions you can request assistance from the Service Center

Can I request a demo?

Yup, you can activate a demo at any time. Activate your login DEMO

Is it necessary to enter the promotion code during registration?

No, it is not needed.

Is it possible to connect from home or only from a specific address (eg office)?

Yup. Access to Leanus is not bound by the IP address from which you connect; therefore it can be used from any computer or mobile, even from home.

Is it possible to analyze the financial statements of all companies?

Yup. Thanks to the connection with the Italian and Spanish Company Register it is possible to download the financial statements of any Italian or Spanish company in real time and obtain the analysis of the financial statements. All other financial statements, accounting situations or other accounting structures of Italian or foreign subjects can be re-elaborated through the procedure Process New Analysis / from XBR extension, XML, XLS.

How do I buy Credits?

You can buy credits directly online, after logging in, using paypal or credit card, or ask for help at the service center.

Is it possible to download the data in excel and powerpoint?

All tables (the data source, the reclassified schedules, etc) they are downloadable in Excel; all the graphics are downloadable in Pdf or image format. The entire analysis can be downloaded in Pdf through the Slide menu. It is not possible to create a Power Point automatically.

Does each user have a limited number of processing operations to be carried out?

No. Each user can browse freely and without limits in all areas of the software provided by his profile.

How many historical balance analyzes can be displayed for each user?

100% of the analysis of financial statements of Italian companies; all analyzes of companies with revenues greater than 500.000€ they are part of the supplied DB; all others can be downloaded in real time thanks to the links with the Official Registers.

How many filter searches can be made for each user?

infinite. There are no limits.

How many Evaluations can be made for each user?

infinite. There are no limits.

How many automatic and personalized presentations can be made for each user?

infinite. There are no limits.

How many times is it possible to view the balance sheet ratios for each user?

infinite. There are no limits.

How many business plans can be made with the Leanus configuration provided for the customer?

Infinite for each of the Registries provided for the AREA CONFIDENTIAL.

How many Benchmarks can be made with the Leanus configuration provided for the Customer?

Infinite for each of the Registries provided for the AREA CONFIDENTIAL. All Benchmark companies must be present in AREA CONFIDENTIAL.

How long does it take to activate a new user?

Registration takes a few moments. Requests for activation, modification, cancellation sent by email to the Service Center are generally processed within 24 hours.

How long does it take for the user to become familiar with the system and learn how to use it?

Leanus is a latest generation software and does not require specific computer skills; it can be used immediately even without assistance. However, a online manual, a service of telephone assistance (toll-free number 800 86 45 88) e by email (
It is possible to request targeted training sessions to address more detailed topics that require specific skills on the subject (eg. calculation of DSCR extension, Identification of the best benchmark etc.).

The use of Leanus requires integration interventions or other activities on the systems of the PRIVATE?

No. To use Leanus, you just need a PC and an internet connection.

Is it possible to modify the Leanus configuration or integrate the platform with incoming and outgoing data flows or request customizations?

Yup. Leanus solutions (PREMIUM and Leanus Corporate) provide for the possibility of responding to the most sophisticated needs both in terms of service extension and customization. Integrated Web Services also allow you to exchange data flows with the Customer's systems.

What are the Leanus references?

Leanus offers its services to Banks, insurance companies and other operators in the financial and insurance sector both large, medium and small.

Is it possible to feed Leanus through the chamber data of another distributor?

Yup. The customer who desires it and considers it economically advantageous, can keep its own data provider and use Leanus to process them.

I did not find the analysis of the company I was looking for.

Check the existence of the company and the availability of at least one budget through the procedure: Buy documents / Chamber of Commerce. Remember to also include discontinued businesses.

We remind you that Leanus search directly on the official register of Italian companies, single official archive guaranteed by law. Make sure you have entered the name correctly or search by tax code / VAT number.

It was not possible to analyze the financial statements downloaded from the Business Register in real time, what should I do?

Repeat the operation Analysis Creation / Update "from Other Sources (IT): the procedure allows in some cases to acquire the electronic format even for companies that do not have the obligation to deposit the XBRL. If the operation is not successful, ask for assistance at Service center.

Can I add the registry of a company that is not on the list?

You can add it in real time by following the procedure of Process New Analysis / from Other Suppliers.

Can I change the reclassification criteria?

Yup. By clicking on the items of the reclassified schemes or through the menu Reclassification (in the Reserved Area).

I got the message "XBRL not available". What should I do?

The message confirms that the company you want to analyze has no obligation to file the electronic format of the Financial Statements (XBR extension). Repeat the operation Analysis Creation / Update "from Other Sources (IT) or ask for assistance at the Service Center.

What are the criteria by which the categories are identified STAR, STUCKS, RUNNERS, stable and TO-INVESTIGATE?

The main parameters are:
Revenue change (on the abscissa with main values ​​"0%" and "7%".
Lean Score (in ordinates with main values ​​between "1,7" and "3".
The middle category (To Investigate) it is residual and allows to manage some anomalous cases deliberately not included in the 4 main categories.

It is possible to locate within the categories STAR-stable-TO INVESTIGATE the different business models (TRADITIONAL-TRADE-SERVICE)?

Yup. Click on multifunction wheel, select "Edit Group" and then click on Filter Analysis. Subsequently "Add a Filter" 2 select Balance Sheet Ratios / Business Model / Contains ...

Is it possible to create Business Plans for 10 years or more?

Yup, it's possible. Follow the procedure provided for the operation

I have a balance sheet due to lack of credit and debit details (red dot). In these cases, should the details be entered directly as adjustments in the reclassified statements? Or there is a way to put them on the balance sheet EEC integrating what we have on the SP present in Leanus?

Yup, to correct the squaring it is necessary to enter the details of the credits and debits in the Balance Sheet (in the Reserved Area). Follow the procedure provided for the operation.

How to proceed in the event of failure to transfer items such as eg. C.1 Services, C.2 use of third party assets, which report NA?

Follow the procedure provided for the operation

In which section can the number of employees per year be entered?

It is possible to insert the no. of employees per year by adjusting the operating income statement table: Menu: "Balance Sheet Analysis» Income Statement (management) »Numerical Analysis"

How should you proceed if the pdf print of the slides of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement of the Business Plan is misaligned?

The misalignment is due to the pdf print. The A4 format, when the analysis provides for more than 6 annuities, is often not sufficient to accommodate all the information. In these cases it is It is possible to hide the accounting years before generating the printout in pdf and attach to the analysis the export in excel format of the tables.

Why can't I access the platform despite being registered?

In order to access the platform you need to first complete the registration procedure for Leanus services by sending a copy of the identity document or, if the user of the services is a company, its legal representative. Contact the toll-free number 800 86 45 88 if you need assistance.

How are income taxes calculated in the Business Plan Leanus module?

In the Business Plan module, taxes are calculated automatically according to the tax base and taking into account the taxes related to personnel costs.

What are the controls to validate the reliability of the extracted data?

All statutory financial statements uploaded, as well as other sources uploaded directly by the user are verified and in the event of an anomaly, the system returns an error signal and information on the type of error recorded. For official sources, the quality control of data from the same source is also envisaged.

What are the processing times for requests?

All Leanus services provide for real-time processing. In the case of requests that require intervention by the Service Center, the user will receive an estimate of the processing times.

It is possible to set up more reclassification schemes so as to have at least two options (e.g. statutory and reclassification that shows EBITDA)?

Leanus provides for various reclassification schemes for both the income statement and the balance sheet as well as the possibility of reclassifying any source in both the statutory and management format.

Is it possible to process a balance sheet or an accounting situation from an Excel?

Yes. Leanus allows you to upload any accounting data.

Is it possible to analyze a trend of 10 years and beyond?

Yes. There are no limits to the number of annuities; it should be remembered that an excessive number of columns may not be manageable on a monitor of modest size.

Is it possible to make a comparative analysis between different companies?

Yes. Leanus provides for various benchmark processing methods through which it is possible to compare both the reclassified schemes and the indices.

Why is the amortization item in the Income Statement table sometimes highlighted in red?

Depreciation is highlighted in red when the latter are greater than the total fixed assets (in detail the sum of intangible and tangible fixed assets net of accumulated depreciation).

The "General reliability assessment" box of a service company that does not own inventories but only has trade receivables does not express a judgment of the financial balance for the point "trade receivables + inventories". Does the absence of judgment on this component invalidate the general judgment?

The evaluation of the financial balance is determined, as correctly indicated, also from the value of the “Trade Receivables (days) + Inventories (days)” index. However, the NA value attributed to this index in general is not attributable to the absence of inventories, but rather to the absence of consumption. The index "Remaining days (days)" it is in fact calculated as “Inventories / Consumption“ 360 ”and therefore takes on a value of NA in the absence of consumption.

Is it possible to upload the PDF of the Central Credit Register or do you have to enter all the data manually?

A new service that allows for the automatic reorganization of the information contained in the Bank of Italy profile so you can easily complete the behavioral module of the CR and therefore to be able to integrate the information for the calculation of the Band MCC. The cost of the service is equal to 70 CR and provides:

  • Report for the organized reading of the data contained in the search
  • Reorganization of information from the survey for uploading to the platform

To be able to request the service it is necessary to send us the Bank of Italy certificate over 36 months. At the moment it is already possible to send us the Bank of Italy certificate through the menu "Update Analysis» Select Procedure "from PDF" to receive a reworking of the same.

Download a sample report here. On the penultimate page of the document you will find the data for completing the performance form.

I need to verify the competitive positioning of a company with two competitors. I imported the data from the Business Register and the comparison is only proposed for the year 2019. How can I compare the financial statements of the last three-year period 2017-2019 (the data are present in the database)?

The benchmark is ALWAYS relating to the last accounting period available in common between the analyzes. To make comparisons over different years it is sufficient to hide an accounting period from the main analysis. Eg. if all the analyzes are updated as of 31/12/2019 the benchmark will provide the result as of 31/12/2019, if you want to view the benchmark as of 31/12/2018 it is sufficient to hide the annuality of the 2019 financial statements from the main analysis.

What difference in valuation does the insertion of the “days of inventories on consumption” compared to the data “days of inventories on revenues” involve in the cycle of net working capital? How do they interact with each other what is their meaning?

The rotation speed of the warehouse can be measured both in relation to Consumption and in relation to Revenues. In the first case, from a theoretical point of view, the index answers the question "How many days of production are covered by the warehouse?", in the second case, however, the index answers the question "How many days of sales are covered by the warehouse?".

Why is it that in the reclassification scheme adopted on Leanus other revenues are not considered?

The standard reclassification model is inspired to the principle of prudence. The Income Statement provides that these are reclassified under Revenues only the revenues from core business (item A1 of the statutory financial statements). The voice "Other income" is reclassified as miscellaneous operating expenses / revenues.

However, it is always possible change the preset reclassification by accessing any analysis and proceeding in one of the following ways:

  • Source and Reclassification / Source Reclassification Menu on Management Schemes
  • Source and Reclassification Menu / Detailed Leanus Schemes
  • Balance Sheet Analysis / Income Statement / Numerical Analysis / Click on Detailed Diagrams
  • Balance Sheet Analysis / Balance Sheet / Numerical Analysis / Click on Detailed Diagrams
  • Balance Sheet Analysis / Income Statement / Numerical Analysis Menu / Click on any Label (eg Revenues) to view the list of reclassified source data whose algebraic sum determines the balance.

For more info go to the section Source and Reclassification .

Is it possible to export a group created in the Public Area to a Reserved Area without loading the companies that are part of it one by one?

Yup. Below is the correct procedure for transferring an analysis group from the Public Area to the Reserved Area:

  1. Log in to Leanus
  2. Select the menu "Group Analysis» Analysis included in the Group "
  3. Click on "Stock wheel" next to the table header "Name"
  4. Choose the transfer option Transfer List to Reserved Area
  5. Leanus will carry out the transfer of all the analyzes that make up the group in the Reserved Area
  6. Wait for the operation to complete and access the reserved area
  7. Repeat the operations carried out in the Public Area e recreate your group in the Reserved Area

Is it possible to analyze the data from the Central Credit Register of the Bank of Italy?

The Central Credit Register (CR) is a database that collects from banks and financial companies (intermediaries) information on credits granted and guarantees issued to its customers (families and businesses). They can access the info of the Central Credit Register only:

  • natural persons in whose name the information is registered, or, in their place, the subjects required by law (for example the guardian, the support administrator, the heir or a person with a proxy);
  • legal persons, such as entities, companies, associations, through the legal representative or other subjects envisaged by the law (for example the liquidator, the shareholders with unlimited liability, the shareholders of Srl, the members of the board of statutory auditors).

You can access for free to the CR data by submitting a specific request to the Bank of Italy:

  • through the platform Online Services
  • to one of the branches of the Bank of Italy, by certified e-mail (PEC), ordinary mail or hand delivery, using the appropriate form and attaching a legible copy of a valid identity document.

Bank of Italy inquiries are generally very substantial documents and therefore obtaining the information to be entered for the calculation of the range could take a long time. Leanus provides its customers with a service that allows them to automatically reorganize the information in the search in order to be able to easily complete the trend module of the CR and to be able to complete the calculation of the band MCC.

The cost of the service is equal to 70 credits and provides:

  • report for reading organized of the data contained in the survey;
  • reorganization of info from survey for loading onto the platform.

In order to request the service it is necessary to send us the Bank of Italy certificate over 36 months.

How can the “Additional Risk from Covid-19 "available in Leanus in the box relating to the" Last Period Valuation "?

Il “Additional risk from Covid-19" is an automatic indicator that estimates the company's ability to cover costs in the event of a decrease in revenues, taking into account the risk profile, the initial capital solidity and some penalized sectors (eg retail trade). It is not always calculable by Leanus but it is certainly a useful first approximation. It is always advisable associate the indicator reading with at least one other pair of indices preferably to be chosen from those directly linked to liquidity and cash flows.

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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