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The procedure described below allows you to upload financial statements and accounting situations NO still available in the Official Register of Companies or Other Suppliers. Therefore, these are balance sheets and accounting situations proprietary.

Some examples of files that fall into this category.

  • XBR extension format EXCEL Info cameras
  • PDF Infocamere budgets
  • PDF extracts from the main management software (Zucchetti, Teamsystem, Sistemi, etc)
  • XLS e CSV from the main management software (Zucchetti, Teamsystem, Sistemi, etc)
  • XLS, PDF of Software mainly used in the financial system (ModBilJ, Galileo, etc)

At the time of loading, the accounting data are automatically reclassified

If the file to be managed does not fall into any of the categories, the user can use the loading procedures via L1, L2, L3 template or the manual input procedure on predefined schemes. For further details, consult the menu + Load Balances

Procedure from XML Cerved

This option allows you to process an analysis using a balance sheet in format XML downloaded from CERVED / Lynx and stored on your computer.

To elaborate a XML you can use the function Upload Financial Statements or follow the instructions below.
The operation, if foreseen, must be carried out in the Reserved Area

Log in to Leanus
Go to Process Analysis / New Balance Sheet Analysis / from XBR extension, XML, XLS
Click on Select a File (or drag the file to the orange area)
Select the file from your PC and wait for it to load
Click on Import
wait the completion of the operation

If the information is complete at the end of the operation you will see the Home page. If the reclassification has not been completed you will see the page Reclassification where you can check any anomalies recorded.



Step 2
Leanus automatically recognizes and reclassifies most budget formats and accounting situations. If in doubt he tries to upload anyway. There are numerous checks that will help you understand how to proceed.

Step 5
If there is a charge for the search operation, the amount is indicated next to the button It matters.

Step 6
If the company is already present in your registry list archive, a message will appear indicating the tax code of the person present in the archive. Click on the tax code and repeat the operation through the menu Update Balance Sheet Analysis / from XBR extension, XML, XLS.

IMPORTANT: it is always possible to use the quick loading method using the "+ Load Financial Statements * function

If you have already prepared the L1, L2, L2.1 or L3 upload file or if you have a PDF, Of a XBR extension or other formats, it is possible to load directly using "+ Upload Financial Statements" present both in HOME general than in HOME firm as shown in the pictures below.

The wizard will allow the management of the single case


A null Credit balance or exceeding the maximum number of analyzes allowed can make it impossible to complete the operation.


Watch this video to learn more

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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