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How to transfer data from Accounting to Leanus Premium or Leanus to Consumption (from OMNIA to Zucchetti)

This option allows you to process a Leanus analysis using one of the chart of accounts templates in CSV downloaded from Omnia Zucchetti.

To elaborate a XBR extension you can use the function Upload Financial Statements or follow the instructions below.
The operation, if foreseen, must be carried out in the Reserved Area

Which users OMNIA can download the form CSV compatible with Leanus (Z-Leanus, Premium, Leanus Consumption version)?

According to information provided by Zucchetti, they can download the file CSV compatible with Leanus the following Customers OMNIA ZUCCHETTI

  • All Customers who have an active Z-Leanus contract
  • All Customers who have had an active Z-Leanus contract up to 2019 or in previous years.

They will not be able to download the file CSV compatible with Leanus customers OMNIA and ARE NOT have ever signed a contract with Z-Leanus with Zucchetti

What is the procedure to download the file CSV from Omnia Zucchetti and elaborate the Leanus analysis?

Log in to Omnia
Go to Periodicals / Transfers / Leanus Export….
Export files that you want to manage within Leanus
Archive them on your computer

Log in to Leanus
Go to Process Analysis / New Budget Analysis / Upload Accounting Situations from Zucchetti management system AGO (XML) is OMNIA (CSV)
Click on Select a File (or drag the file to the orange area)

In the case of existing Leanus master data, it will be necessary to use the + Analysis Update procedure

Log in to Leanus
Select the company data to update
Go to + Update Analysis / Processing from accounting
Click on Select a File (or drag the file to the orange area)

Omnia allows you to download two or more accounting situations at the same time; is it possible to load them with a single operation on Leanus?

YES. Leanus manages the different configurations present on the files both in the Analysis Creation and Analysis Update phase CSV Omnia

Is it possible to manage personalized charts of accounts?

YES. It is possible to manage customized charts of accounts by double uploading. It is necessary to download from OMNIA both the Numeric file and the Plan of Accounts. For more information contact Zucchetti assistance

What happens when the chart of accounts is loaded OMNIA?

If the data present in the Source (csv) are correct and complete, at the end of the operation you will see the Home page. In other cases you will see the Menu of Reclassification where you can check any anomalies recorded. You can complete the analysis model using the adjustment columns present in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet layouts.

How can I also obtain the calculation of the indicators of the Crisis, the Band MCC and the Cash Flow Statement OIC?

Users AGO, upon loading, they will also obtain the reclassification of the statutory scheme necessary to obtain the indicated analyzes. Users OMNIA instead they will have to carry out the manual reclassification of the Source (csv) on the statutory scheme from the "Source and Reclassification" menu
Once the reclassification has been carried out the first time, it is possible to save the model and reuse it later also for other master data that share the same scheme

If I've never had Z-Leanus, can I still transfer data from Omnia to Leanus Premium or Leanus to Consumo?

YES. you can download the file CSV and upload it to Leanus via model L2 or L2.1. For more information contact the Service Center.




A null Credit balance or exceeding the maximum number of analyzes allowed can make it impossible to complete the operation.


Watch this video to learn more

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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