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In addition to being directly connected to the Infocamere Business Register, Leanus is connected to numerous services of Other Business Information Suppliers. The Creation / Update analysis procedure from Other Suppliers allows you to directly withdraw and process the financial statements filed even if not originally in format XBR extension. All financial statements filed in both Ordinary and Consolidated format (since 1994 onwards) can be downloaded and processed in real time.


Log in to Leanus
Go to Process Analysis / +Upload Balances / from Other Suppliers
Select the search key (Name, Tax Code or Rea)
Fill the special spaces with the requested information
Click on Search
Click on Immagine to choose the budget to be prepared
Click on Buy Now
Wait for the completion of the operation

Allows the user to upload the balance sheet data of any Italian entity by downloading the data in electronic format in real time suitable for real-time processing. During the period of filing of the financial statements, it may happen that the last financial statements filed are available with a slight delay compared to what does not happen at the Business Register.

If the information is complete at the end of the operation you will see the Home page. If the reclassification has not been completed, you will see the "Reclassification" page where you can check any anomalies recorded.



Une réponse en deux parties: If when entering initials the name of the company you are looking for appears, it means that the analysis is already available in your archive (you can only update it)

Une réponse en deux parties: If provided a charge for the search operation, the amount is indicated next to the Search button.

Step 6: If the company is already present in your Personal Data List archive, follow the instructions to Update the analysis (i.e. insert additional budget years)

Step 7: If provided a charge for the Unloading operation, the amount is indicated next to the budget selected for processing.


A null Credit balance or exceeding the maximum number of analyzes allowed will make it impossible to complete the operation.


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