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Use this procedure to upload any accounting situation to Leanus through the L2 and L2.1 Models

The difference between the L2 model and the L2.1 model. XNUMX

Use the L2 model if you want to create a new analysis not yet present on Leanus. The L2 model in fact, it allows you to enter personal data (Name, Tax Code, etc) .

If, on the other hand, the registry is already present on Leanus and you want "Update it" by entering new budget annuities you can use both model L2 and model L2.1. The Model L2.1 follows the same logic but NO REQUIRES the insertion of personal data.

The L2.1 model It can be used only in SECURITY UPDATE TRAINING analysis (not to create a new analysis) . It can be used for any personal data. The non-expert user could use it for a different personal data than the one he intends to update.

Download Model L2 or L2.1

To download Model L2, Go to Process Analysis >> + New Budget Analysis >> format: XBR extension, XML, XLS, XLSX, CSV
To download Model L2.1, Go to + Upload Financial Statements >> format: XBR extension, XML, XLS, XLSX, CSV
Download the Template you wish to use

Fill in form L2 or form L2.1

Download and fill in the L2 or L2.1 form following the instructions (the compilation instructions are shown in both models) .

Enter the Name (it is not necessary for the L2.1 Model that can only be used in "Analysis Update")
Enter the Tax Code (You can enter a fictitious alphanumeric tax code. If you enter an existing tax code, Leanus will also retrieve the personal information from the Official Registers)
Insert the date field following the correct syntax indicated in the file and shown in the figure
Copy the list of accounts to import (avoid special characters)
Copy the list of values ​​in text format
Enter a Progressive Item Code for each account
Check for any error messages
Use lines 14-27 to enter other details (if known) that are useful for completing the analysis model through the asterisked items

Mistakes to avoid

In Model L2, do not enter the name or the tax code
Do not enter i Voice Codes
Do not enter the accounting period in the format indicated
Do not use twice the same item code

for New Analysis Creation - then for L2 Model Analysis Processing procedure

After filling in the L2 form as described:

log in to Leanus and go in AREA CONFIDENTIAL if required by your profile
go to Process Analysis / New Budget Analysis / from XBR extension, XML, XLS
click on Select a File to select the L2 model (or drag the file to the orange area)
click on Import
wait for the completion of the operation
manage the reclassification from Source and Reclassification menu or recall a previous reclassification model via the reclassification box

The Model L2 is particularly useful in cases where you have a balance sheet or chart of accounts in any format or language, on paper or other format and we intend to process it through Leanus.
It can be used both to Process a new Analysis not present in your List, and to "update an analysis" or to upload new annuities / monthly payments and add them to the existing ones.


Analysis update already present in your DB - then procedure Analysis Elaboration from Model L2 or L2.1

Log in to Leanus and go in AREA CONFIDENTIAL if required by your profile;
search the company you intend to upgrade with the accounting situations loaded in the L2 or L2.1 form;
go to + Upload Financial Statements / from XBR extension, XML, XLS o upload directly from the home page of the company (box at the bottom right);
click on Select a File to select the L2 / L2.1 model (or drag the file to the orange area);
click on Import;
wait for the completion of the operation;
manage the reclassification from Source and Reclassification menu or recall a previous reclassification model via the reclassification box.

NOTES: A null Credit balance or exceeding the maximum number of analyzes allowed can make it impossible to complete the operation.

STEP 3 Manual Reclassification

Go to Source and Reclassification >> Source Reclassification on Management Schemes (landing page after loading)
Associate each item that you intend to reclassify with the corresponding items of the> Management Income Statement and Balance Sheet Sources-Employment
Click on Update (use the check box to check for any errors)
Use the asterisked items to complete the analysis template (lines 10001 - 10011)

First reclassify the Income Statement and check the correspondence between Calculated Profit and Imported Profit. Then the Net Equity, then the Liabilities and finally the Assets
Pay attention to the Management of Signs
Il item code can be a progressive number; we recommend inserting the progression 10, 20, 30… in order to possibly insert additional lines (e.g. 15) ensuring the desired sorting. Do not use the same voice code twice or more.
The description it must not contain special characters (e.g. @ / '# + -); to delete them, replace the indicated characters with a blank space (command find and replace with Excel) .
It is possible to insert up to five accounting periods following the syntax 31/12/2016 for the annual periods and 30/06/2019 / (6), 31/12/2019 / (14) for the periods of a number of months other than 12.
If possible avoid decimals as they are truncated on import; in this case add lines of "Rounding" basically with values ​​1, 1, 2 etc.
In case you want to view the chart of accounts structure, add it to the description. Example “00001-12 stationery purchase” or use the encoding as a voice code as long as there are no repeated voice codes. (the item code is displayed on Leanus in the reclassification management page) .
To avoid replace the L2 downloaded from Leanus with a similar model in size XLSX.

Learn more

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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