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Procedure reserved for expert users.

Upload the balance sheet file you want to process in one of the loading points in Home or in the "Process New Analysis" or + Load balance sheets menus
If the operation is not successful, you can request assistance from the Service Center or follow the instructions given in this guide.

Process analysis with proprietary source upload (downloaded from its management system, processed in excel or in PDF)

To elaborate a new Analysis not present in the Leanus Archive and not available in the official registers:

log in to Leanus
go to Process Analysis / + New Budget Analysis
select one of the procedures present in SECOND BLOCK

The procedure is available in AREA CONFIDENTIAL, unless otherwise stated. The loading, depending on the source used, may require manual reclassification of the source.

IMPORTANT: it is always possible to use the quick loading method using the "+ Load Financial Statements * function

If the upload file has already been prepared L1, L2, L2.1 or L3 or you have a PDF, Of a XBR extension or other formats, it is possible to carry out direct loading using the different loading points present:
On the Log-in page
On the Home Page Company
In the Menu + New Budget Analysis
"+ Upload Financial Statements"

The wizard will allow the management of the single case

Follow the instructions and read the guides on the following pages for more details.

Upload procedure from the Business Register
Upload Procedure from Other Suppliers
Procedure Loading from FILE OWNERS
Procedure Loading from XML Cerved
Procedure Loading from AGO ZUCCHETTI
Procedure Loading from OMNIA ZUCCHETTI
Spanish Company Loading Procedure
Procedure Loading Hungarian Company
Procedure Loading from Other Sources in civil format
Procedure Loading from PDF
Loading Procedure with Manual Entry

Through the L1, L2 and L3 models, Leanus is able to process any accounting data regardless of language, structure, file type. Click here to view the list of templates for automatic loading of other sources

Remember that to manage the Manual reclassification you need to follow the following operating steps from the Source and Reclassification / reclassification menu on management schemes:

Use the asterisked items to identify:

Net income
Staff Price
Cost for Services
Cost for use of third party assets
Net assets
Total assets
Total liabilities

The asterisked items have no effect on the reclassification but they are used for quadrature checks.

Reclassification the first il Income Statement
The Calculated Profit must correspond to the profit intercepted by the asterisked items.

Reclassify the Net assets
The Calculated Net Equity must correspond to the Net Equity intercepted through the asterisked items.

Reclassify the Passive
The Calculated Total Liabilities must correspond to the Total Liabilities intercepted through the asterisked items.

Reclassify theActive
The Total Assets Calculated must correspond to the Net Equity intercepted through the asterisked items.

Methodology and video tutorials

There are many ways to import personal and balance sheet data to be analyzed; may include loading data from Official National and Foreign Registers or from User's computer; after import, reclassification can take place automatically (with no user intervention required) or manually. In any case, the reclassification model can be edited and saved so that it can also be applied to other personal data.


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