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Classic Income Statement (Added Value and Costs by Nature)

The Classic Income Statement is an additional scheme to the Management Income Statement; the CE Classico exhibits, before EBITDA the following 3 items of the statutory financial statements which, in the Income Statement (Management), are reclassified as costs (fixed or variable), namely:
Cost of Staff
Costs for Services
Costs for Benefits of Third Party Assets

The Classic CE scheme is very useful in cases where:
the source is a statutory financial statement
the analyst is not interested in (or does not have enough information to) differentiate between fixed and variable costs

The three items are automatically intercepted and reclassified during the source import phase in the following cases:
The source is a standard statutory financial statements in XBR extension, XML, XLS
The source is a Zucchetti pdc OMNIA O AGO
The source is an L1 or L3 Leanus model
The reclassification has already been saved in Leanus and recalled

For other Sources, it will show * N / A (not available).*

In order to keep the value of theEBITDA of the CE Gest.le (main diagram) with the Classic CE, any difference is reported in the balance X - Other Characteristic Management and the symbol appears in correspondence with the three cost items N / A, i.e. Not Available.

In this case, the user can intervene either manually, by typing the missing values ​​in the correction fields, or through the reclassification menu. For this purpose, the reclassification items

To complete the scheme of CE Classic when the information are present in the source:

Log in to Leanus
Research the company
Plan your trip Source and Reclassification / Reclassification
Identify the corresponding items to costs for Nature (Eg. Costs for Services)
Reclassify the item identified using other inputs for Statistics or Other (eg. Costs for Services (opposite sign)
Click on Update

To complete the scheme of CE Classic when the information are not present in the source

Log in to Leanus
Research the company
Go to Balance Sheet Analysis / Income Statement (classic) / Numerical Analysis
Click on "+" at the date of the accounting period.
Enter the value of items to be completed remembering that in Leanus the costs are indicated with the sign "-", so to enter a cost of 100 for services enter .
Click on Update

The entered value is automatically deducted from the total present in X - Other Characteristic Management

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The management reclassification of the statutory income statement


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