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Normalized Civil Scheme

The standardized statutory scheme also allows comparisons and analyzes to be made between companies regardless of the format of the data source used. In this way it is possible to have a complete and homogeneous overview of the accounting information, without having to refer to different financial statement formats depending on the company.

Furthermore, the standardized statutory scheme is used as a basis for drawing up other schemes such as the financial statement OIC (Italian Accounting Organization) and for the evaluation of some budget indicators such as the band MCC (Critical Contribution Margin) and the crisis code indicators.

What is the Normalized Civil Scheme?

The normalized statutory scheme is a statutory scheme whose structure (number of lines and related descriptions) is always the same, regardless of the data source used for its processing.

How is the Normalized Civil Scheme processed?

The standardized statutory scheme is automatically processed when the financial statements are loaded in XBR extension or from known sources (XML, Zucchetti, Model L1, other known formats).

If the Source does not come from an Official Register or from a known format, is it possible to process the Normalized Civil Code?

If the source is different from the official ones, the user can carry out the manual reclassification of the Source in the statutory scheme, through the Source and Reclassification Menu

What is the advantage of using the Normalized Civil Scheme?

The normalized statutory scheme has the advantage of presenting all the details of the statutory scheme even if not present in the source. If the information from the source allows it, Leanus populates accounts not present in the source (e.g. debts within, beyond and total)

On the basis of the standardized statutory scheme they are elaborated
Indicators of the Crisis
The Central Middle Credit Band
The scheme AQR extension 1
The Cash Flow Statement OIC

Is the standardized statistic available only on historical data?

The Standardized Report is also available for the Benchmark and the Business Plan

In which formats is it possible to download the Normalized Civil Code?

Both in XLS that in format XML; the format XML (available both for each of the periods and for the entire analysis) can be reprocessed with Leanus through the "Create / Update Analysis" procedure ((Ex. To compare the Budget, processed through the Business Plan module, and the current data, process the Business Plan, download theXML of the Business Plan, Elaborate a new analysis from XML, Elaborate the Benchmark)


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