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The Balance Analysis Menu allows access to all analyzes and processing relating to historical data. Historical data includes, for example:

  • Financial statements filed
  • Accounting statements uploaded using the "+Upload Financial Statements" functions

The Balance Sheet Analysis menu is organized into sub-menus. The most important are the Management Income Statement and Balance sheet with sources and uses. In fact, they are the two main reclassification schemes from which most of the analyzes derive (e.g. cash flow statement, balance sheet ratios, etc.)

Practical Tips

After having identified the company of interest, access the Management Income Statement* and the Balance sheet with sources and uses
Check for any anomalies (Red, Green, Yellow symbol)
Click on the individual items to view the reclassified source data in each balance
Manage / Customize Reclassification (in AREA CONFIDENTIAL, if provided)

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Budget Analysis – Basic


The module Budget analysis allows you to analyze in detail the historical accounting data of any company for which accounting data is available. Accounting data does not mean only those coming from the Official Registers; in fact, even the provisional accounting situations or those processed in excel, the trial balances and any other source, can be easily processed and analyzed with Leanus. Leanus allows you to check at any time which data from the source determined each individual analysis.

The Balance Sheet Analysis module allows you to analyze any number of accounting periods. It is not recommended to exceed 10 to avoid running into page display problems.

Some useful information

In the EC, SP and Cash Flow Statement schemes, click on the label to view the list of reclassified source accounts in the item you clicked
In the EC, SP and Cash Flow Statement forms, click on "Detailed Schemes" to view the entire reclassification
The red dot placed near the date field, if present, indicates that for that accounting period it was not possible to obtain the completion of the management schemes
You can download the Tables in excel
You can add accounting periods by taking them directly from the Official Registers (+ Upload Financial Statements)
In the Reserved Area (if provided) you can customize the reclassification criteria
In the Reserved Area (if any) you can enter your adjustments by clicking on the symbol next to the date of the accounting period
In the Reserved Area (if provided) you can hide or delete the accounting periods
In the Reserved Area (if provided) you can add accounting periods by taking them directly from your PC (+ Upload Financial Statements)

Click on the link or scroll to the next pages to view more examples.

Eco / Fin synthesis. The menu includes analyzes concerning both Economic, Asset and Financial data

  • Synthesis (numerical and graphic). It includes summary tables of economic, equity and financial data, break-even analyzes, financial leverage, operating leverage, Synthesis Eco / fin etc.
    Classic Income Statement
  • Classic Income Statement . Suitable to represent the reclassification of the Italian statutory financial statements
    Management Income Statement
  • -> Management Income Statement (Contribution Margin and Fixed and Variable Costs). This is the reference income statement for the Leanus reclassification
    Balance sheet with sources and uses
  • -> Balance Sheet (Sources-Uses). It is the reference balance sheet for the Leanus reclassification
  • Balance Sheet for Liquidity. It is calculated automatically by Leanus
    Financial statement
  • Cash Flow Statement (Indirect Method). It is calculated automatically by Leanus on the basis of the Management Income Statement and the Balance Sheet (Sources-Employment)
    Balance Sheet Indices
  • Balance Sheet Indices. Includes reliability indices (Z-score, Leanus Score, etc)
    KPI Sectoral
    KPI Crisis Code
    Civilistic Scheme
  • Normalized statutory scheme. It is calculated by Leanus and allows you to view the statutory prospectus complete with all the lines with indication of the item "within, beyond and total"
    Bank scheme
    Other Analysis

Download an example of analysis – with Benchmark

The budget analysis module offers a large library of numerical and graphical analyzes that you update in real time in the event that the user makes changes to the reclassification logic or adjustments.

The main reclassification schemes (to which the automatic reclassifications of known sources are linked) are Management Income Statement and Balance Sheet (Sources-Uses). Additional schemes are available and it is possible to request the creation of customized schemes to be included in the “Other Schemes” menu.



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