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Because the menu +Carica Bilanci is also present in the module Process Analysis

The +Load Balances function present in the "Process Analysis" module is used to load new balance sheets or accounting situations relating to a company not yet present in your DB
The + Upload Financial Statements function present in the second level of the Menu (visible after having identified the company) allows you to add new financial statements or accounting situations to already existing databases.

In any case, regardless of the loading point, Leanus verifies the possible existence of an analysis with the same tax code and asks the user to confirm the type of operation requested

Leanus not only allows you to search for any company in your DB Budgets and to verify the availability of additional official financial statements present in the Chamber of Commerce but it also allows you to upload financial statements in PDF even before these are available at the Official Register of Companies.

It is important to remember that the financial statement analysis must always be carried out using reliable and verified data. The presence of financial statements in format PDF uploaded before their availability in the Official Register of Companies could represent a risk, as these financial statements may not yet have been verified and approved by the competent authorities and therefore may not be reliable.

Leanus automatically processes most accounting schedules regardless of format. Some examples

  • PDF (AGO, SAP, ZUCCHETTI, TEAMSYSTEM and many others)
  • XBR extension (everyone)
  • XML
  • XLS ModeBILJ
  • CSV

For the financial statements present in the Official Registers (Business Register, Other Suppliers) it is sufficient to access the menu + Upload Financial Statements o Process Analysis / New Budget Analysis and choose the desired option.

For proprietary balance sheets (also in PDF), are provided two different management modes. In any case, the user, in a few moments, will be able to integrate their data and official data into a single analysis model

Il METHOD QUICK (with possible assistance from the Service Center in cases not managed automatically)
Upload. If the operation is not successful, ask for assistance at Service center

Il METHOD ADVANCED for advanced users
Use the procedures of Uploading of Financial Statements via Model L2

The user can choose which procedure to use according to their experience.

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The Quick method consists of loading the your balance file, whatever the reference format, by loading in the following menus:

Menu Home General, visible after login (In AREA CONFIDENTIAL, if required by the profile)

Menu Home of a single company

The file is readable and related to an analysis NO THIS in the DB . The analysis is processed automatically without user intervention.

CASO 2::
The file is readable and related to an analysis GIA' THIS in the DB . The analysis is automatically updated without user intervention. Any matching accounting periods will be overwritten with the most recent data.

Examples of files processed automatically

The file NO is automatically readable or filled in incorrectly. In this case the user:
- receives further instructions via email and video;
- receives assistance from the Service Center.
Any additional costs must be previously approved by the user.


If the attempt to upload the proprietary file is unsuccessful, it is necessary to copy the data on special Excel models (L1, L2, L2,1 or L3) that Leanus is able to recognize and process.

Experienced users will be able to use the functions of "New Analysis Processing" e "+ Upload Financial Statements" converting any data source into suitable formats for loading and reclassification. For more information to view, refer to the following sections of the manual:
Follow the instructions and read the guides on the following pages for more details.

Upload procedure from the Business Register
Upload Procedure from Other Suppliers
Procedure Loading from FILE OWNERS format XBR extension
Procedure Loading from FILE OWNERS
Procedure Loading from XML Cerved
Procedure Loading from AGO ZUCCHETTI
Procedure Loading from OMNIA ZUCCHETTI
Spanish Company Loading Procedure
Hungarian Company Upload Procedure (Automatic Upload and Reclassification)
Procedure Loading from Other Sources in civil format
Procedure Loading from PDF
Loading Procedure with Manual Entry

Through the L1, L2 and L3 models, Leanus is able to process any accounting data regardless of language, structure, file type. Click here to view the list of templates for automatic loading of other sources


What are the costs?

Assistance from the Service Center for identification purposes the reasons for the failure to upload it's free.
The assistance of the Service Center aimed at:

  • draw up budgets in PDF or other non-editable formats,
  • carry out operations manual reclassification on behalf of the Customer (e.g. Leanus Model L2, L2.1),
    has an hourly cost of Euro 70 unless otherwise specified in list. The customer must in any case authorize these interventions.

Is it necessary to wait for the intervention of the Service Center?

No. The user can use one of the procedures of "New Analysis Processing" or "Update / + Upload" respectively provided in the menus "Process Analysis / New Budget Analysis" and + Upload Financial Statements.

What is meant by “+ Balance upload” or “Analysis update?

"+ Upload or Update Analysis" means the upload of one or more financial statements or interim accounting situations, regardless of the format which can be an Excel, an Xbrl, a CSV, PDF or other:

  • if the accounting period (Month / Year) Balance sheet or Accounting situation loaded is already present in the analysis, data from the same period will be overwritten:
  • if the accounting period (Month / Year) Balance sheet or Accounting situation loaded NO is already present in the analysis, a new column corresponding to the period will be added to the analysis model.

How do you upload a more recent balance sheet?

Just click on the Menu + Upload Financial Statements and follow one of the procedures indicated. Follow the instructions in the video.

What are the procedures that can be used to Update an analysis?

It is possible to upload the data:

  • from the Official Registers in real time ;
  • from Your PC with various procedures that allows you to handle 100% of cases regardless of format ;
  • entering the data manually

What are the procedures for uploading the financial statements filed in the official registers?

  • from the Business Register allows you to download data directly from the official Infocamere Archive
  • from Other Suppliers allows you to download the statement of financial statements with the advantage of obtaining the XML also for consolidated companies and, in general, for subjects not obliged to deposit the electronic format
  • by DB Spanish Registers allows you to upload the balance sheets of any Spanish company
  • by DB Hungarian Registers allows you to upload the balance sheets of any Spanish company

What are the procedures for loading financial statements and accounting situations from your PC folder?

  • da XBR extension, XML, XLS allows you to upload any accounting data as long as it is in an editable electronic format; it also allows you to manage files XML di AGO Zucchetti
  • da PDF allows you to upload the accounting report to PDF and obtain a file in XML recognized by Leanus (some types may require the intervention of the Service Center)
  • Accounting update allows you to process formats CSV extracts from Zucchetti Omnia
  • Enter Manually allows you to upload data manually

Download here the complete index of the Leanus manual


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