The impact of the EBA directives on credit processes

The ECB imposes increasingly stringent rules on the Banking System with the declared aim of controlling the Credit risk and improve efficiency. Procedures such as SREP, LOM and AQR they oblige Banks to continuously monitor company data.

The quantity and complexity of the information that Institutions must request from client companies, to feed these procedures, will only increase. It is therefore essential to adapt bank procedures so that information can be collected, processed and evaluated in compliance with the legislation and the individual Credit Policies. Only in this way will it be possible to grasp possible problems in advance that the Bank may have.

In the course of theoretical session the most difficult application aspects of EBA procedures are touched upon with particular attention to their impact for both banks and businesses. During the tutorial a real case of analysis and monitoring of a business portfolio with the LOM indicators (Loan Origination and Monitoring) of particular interest for functions  and  e Monitoring.

Theoretical session speaker:
Ivan LEAF - Executive Partner at

Practical session speaker:
Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator

Mario BIANCHI - Head of BASF New Business Italy


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