The impact of Covid on the 2020 budgets

The first analysis, at national level, based on REAL NUMBERS

After many predictions and simulations, Leanus carried out the first analysis, at national level, the impact of the pandemic on real budgets of a significant sample of Italian companies from different sectors and with heterogeneous pre-COVID economic and financial situations. These are those companies whose accounting year does not coincide with the calendar year and which therefore already discount the impact of the worst months of the crisis, which in many cases saw the total cessation of sales and collections.

The analysis of the deviations from the previous year and of the main indicators reveals that the approach adopted by many operators and sometimes followed by the banking system itself to simulate the impact of COVID based on the sector to which a company belongs it often turns out to be unsuitable and potentially the bearer of erroneous forecasts.

We use built-on comparisons throughout the webinar real numbers to investigate these issues and try to propose a different approach, in our opinion more effective, to simulate the impact of the crisis on companies with its consequences: Banking staging, prospective DSCR, rating change, corporate reliability, Early Warning indicators.

Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator

Ivan LEAF - Executive partner of inFinance
Lorenzo NOSELLOTTI - Partner, Deal Advisory at KPMG Italy


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