Leanus for CFOs

Despite the huge investments in technology, Excel remains the "life saving" tool of most CFOs even for very complex operations for which error handling remains a critical factor.

During the Webinar dedicated to the needs of CFOs we will show how Leanus, without the need for expensive additions, it can allow you to respond in real time to most needs. Some examples:

  • monitor companies, suppliers, competitors, customers and assess their position also in relation to the provisions of the Crisis Code;
  • analyze and compare the results of Business Units of the same company or of different companies;
  • monitor the progress in relation to the covenants agreed with the banking system;
  • compare your company with Italian and foreign competitors;
  • analyze the individual legal entities by individual position and at an aggregate level e
  • compare the results with the consolidated analysis;
  • monitor the performance data of your company, subsidiaries / investee companies, commercial units etc;
  • develop / manage / analyze business plans.


NOTE: The Leanus platform is constantly renewed and the individual functions are constantly updated. Some features shown in webinars may have consequences that were not yet available at the time of registration.