The economic and financial analysis of the Italian Benefit Companies

These particular companies must know how to combine the economic result of their characteristic activity with the pursuit of the common benefit, foreseen by their Statute.

Leanus analyzed the financial statements of approximately 3.000 Benefit Corporations to try to answer the following questions:

  • How much is the sector worth in terms of revenues, total assets, margins and financial resources allocated by the credit system?
  • How is it evolving?
  • Are the Eco-Fin performances of the Benefit Companies superior to those of other companies?
  • What were the development rates after the Pandemic?
  • How much do they invest? Are they in debt? What is their risk profile?
  • Are they listed on any regulated market?

Stephen CARRARA - Leanus administrator

David CRIPPA – Head of Strategy & Corporate Finance at We-Unit Group SpA


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