Financial statements analysis begins with a good reclassification

There are various reasons for reclassifying a balance sheet; the statutory scheme, for example, allows the company chart of accounts to be brought back to a standard scheme. If the goal of the reclassification is to one management evaluation of the company , the reclassification logic adopted assumes a critical role. The Ebitda, the score, the financial statement ratios just to give a few examples, are not present in the statutory financial statements and their value strongly depends on the reclassification choices that should be able to best represent, through the numbers, the actual business reality.

Most of the scores are based on the statutory or CE.BI scheme and are not affected by any adjustments made by the analyst. Leanus, on the other hand, updates the assessments, indices and scores in real time according to the reclassification model adopted. The short video shows an example based on real numbers.


NOTE: The Leanus platform is constantly renewed and the individual functions are constantly updated. Some features shown in webinars may have consequences that were not yet available at the time of registration.