The analysis of the airport service companies

Over 3 billion euros in revenues with an EBITDA that exceeds 38% and a net income of 18%. This is the photograph that emerges from the analysis of 19 Airport management company of all major Italian cities. It would therefore seem that, with some exceptions, the sector is solid both from an economic, patrimonial and financial point of view, even if it recorded a modest growth compared to the previous year (+ 3,6%). Aggregate net equity: € 3 billion, payables to the banking system: € 0,7 billion, debt / equity: 0,26 NFP / EBITDA: 0,1.
We have analyzed the characteristics of the sector and the reasons for such outstanding performance with Gianluca Littarru, General Manager of Aeroporti di Roma, the largest of the management companies analyzed, which alone represents approximately 34% of the market in terms of revenues and 44,7% in terms of EBITDA.

Gianluca Littarru - Rome Airports General Manager



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