The analysis of the NFP / EBITDA ratio - why not trust

What a relationship indicates NFP / EBITDA = 5 in relation to a manufacturing enterprise?

A - It will pay off the debt in 5 years.

B - Has excess liquidity.

C - It is not possible to answer.

In this webinar Alessandro Fischetti comments on the results of the survey in which over 20.000 professionals took part.

They are also explained what are the pitfalls that hide behind one of the most used indicators by Corporate and Professional Banks and above all, through the analysis of a real case, will highlight how the value of the indicator for the same company it can assume very different values ​​depending on the calculation methods.

In addition it describes what they are the methods of calculation widely used by the banking system and above all the differences between the different methodologies.

Alessandro FISCHETTI - Leanus Administrator



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