The analysis of the supplier portfolio

The analysis of suppliers is often reduced to a mere activity of "compliance" in company life in which compliance with formal requirements prevails over the elements of substance, largely evidenced by a more careful evaluation. Complex portals, auctions, "on-boarding" procedures limit the knowledge that could instead be extracted by adopting a more focused perspective on the interpretation of the numbers offered by financial statements and single and aggregated accounting data. During the webinar we will try to offer a more substance-focused perspective for optimal supply chain management. In particular, through real examples, we will cover the following topics:
1. How to process financial statements and accounting data internal suppliers by adopting more functional schemes for eco-fin evaluation?
2. On which aspects to focus attention? Because the automatic rating is convenient but not enough for a complete evaluation. What other signs and points of attention should you pick up and how?
3. Because it is essential to group suppliers into portfolios and sub-portfolios and how to do it? What criteria to use? The drill-down from the aggregate level to the single company.
4. To what extent Can the supplier financially support a new order? What to watch out for and what are the warnings to be absolutely grasped.

Antonietta Valentino - Senior Financial Controller Procurement at Whirlpool Corporation



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