Creditworthiness analysis - common practices and errors

To assess the creditworthiness of a company it is necessary to elaborate balance sheet data, performance data and other fundamental information to respond in time to the request for funding.

Although this process is strongly codified in banking practice, it is not immune from errors, even serious ones, which risk undermining its reliability. The “Banca Algoritmo” and the widespread use of Fintech they do not in any way eliminate the risks of material, processing or interpretative errors in the Data Set of the credit line.

During the webinar we analyze, using real cases, some examples of errors that may affect the outcome of the credit assessment. Thanks to our subject matter experts we see what best practices to adopt to avoid them.

Theoretical session speaker:
Ivan LEAF - Executive Partner inFinance

Practical session speaker:
Alessandro FISCHETTI - Leanus Administrator

Pasquale NACLERIO - Head of Major Risks and Monitoring at Banca Ifis


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