Analysis of the Consolidated Financial Statements

Consolidated financial statements serve to represent the economic, equity and financial situation of the "Groups" net of items that produce effects only internally. As part of the bank credit analysis, the analyst is required to provide a "net" representation of the Group but at the same time to grasp the dynamics of the individual consolidated businesses, especially as regards their contribution to overall results and risks. There are about five thousand in Italy compared to over seventy thousand natural persons who hold at least two company shares exceeding 50% who are not required to consolidate accounts.

How it differs the analysis of a consolidated financial statement from the ordinary one?
What are the main figures and financial ratios do you know that they can most mislead the analyst?
How do you do it simulate a consolidation of ordinary financial statements and why is it useful to do so? How can you spot, within the scope of consolidation, the companies that make the greatest contribution to the Group?
How to reclassify, from the point of view of management analysis, customer relations - supply between companies of the same group?


Speaker Theoretical session:
Ivan LEAFExecutive Partner at

Practical session speaker:
Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator

Fabio BOLOGNINI - Co-founder Workinvoice


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