The managerial reclassification of a Zucchetti chart of accounts

"The profession of the accountant is changing". It is the recurring affirmation that has almost become the catchphrase of recent years. Certainly there electronic invoicing, the new Crisis code and in general the technological evolution has already transformed the activity of the studies. Despite the difficulties, the category of Accountants can still leverage a fundamental asset that can represent the critical factor on which to build a successful customer service model, or direct access to the accounting data of companies.

During the webinar it is shown how in a few seconds it is possible to analyze the data in the accounting from a managerial point of view, to carry out any simulations relating to costs, depreciation, tax impact; calculate the indicators of the crisis and obtain everything that allows you to assist your customers to evaluate their business, to access credit and for all extraordinary transactions. All operations that no other professional is able to carry out without receiving data from the Customer.

You can also see how to get the same results elaborating the charts of accounts extracted from the other management or ERP (SAP, WKI-IPSOA, TeamSystem, Oracle, etc).



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