The reclassification of the verification scales

The data of the Plan of Accounts extracted from the accounting can be imported to Leanus to build the Balance Sheet at "Sources and Uses ". This scheme, unlike the statutory one, opens the door to a more managerial and financial evaluation of the company and allows a better understanding of the contribution of the various managements to the economic - asset dynamics and to the construction of the historical and prospective corporate CASH FLOW.

In the theoretical session, Michele moglia illustrates the logic and reclassification criteria to be followed in creating the scheme "Sources and Uses", focusing its attention on the analysis of current management, financial management and asset management. In particular, it illustrates how to identify these managements in the balance sheet and how to link them to the income statement. Particular attention is paid to investments in working capital and their correct interpretation.

In the practice session, Stephen Carrara illustrates the steps required for import a Chart of Accounts in Leanus, reclassify the items correctly, feed the "Sources and Uses" scheme and manage the various operational steps required and in particular:

  • like copy and paste the Plan of Accounts original on L2 import format in Leanus;
  • how to "link" the imported items to the Leanus management schemes and obtain the Management Income Statement and the Balance Sheet to "Sources and Uses";
  • how to use the balancing control menu and the other accounting checks during mapping of the Plan of Accounts imported;
  • like store the mapping a Plan of Accounts in Leanus to be able to apply it for subsequent imports of new accounting periods referring to the same Plan of Accounts;
  • how to represent the Management Schemes to a customer or counterpart, revealing the logic of reclassification of the accounting data.


NOTE: The Leanus platform is constantly renewed and the individual functions are constantly updated. Some features shown in webinars may have consequences that were not yet available at the time of registration.